Body parts with less developement


In my personal case my forearms, my calves and a little bit my shoulders. I have heard and read a lot of different strategies to attack slow body parts: - rest them more often. - train them more often. -train them different from the other body parts. Personally except for calves that i train twice a week, i train everything else with the same level of effort, frequency and intensity. I personally believe that perseverance makes up for genetics…after so many years of training your body evens out. Anyways am here to learn and try different and new thing. What do you do with your slow body parts?


Place them 1st in workout when your energy level is highest that way you can smash it with highest effort possible and also dont be afraid to think outside the box and try diff shit! Make sure you also eat to gain


Agree for sure. Hit them first. Few times a week and make sure you’re eating to grow on those days. Nothing crazy but in a surplus.