Bloodwork how come no one posts?


@members Wow. 8 months has gone by and still no additions to this thread or the bloodwork section. I don’t even see bloodwork in sponsor reviews or logs. Are you not getting bloodwork or are you just not posting it? I really hope its not that you’re skimping on getting bloods done. That’s vital to your health and longevity in this game and as a caviat it helps to update members on sponsors and keep them in check.


Well im glad you posted this. I tried to get help on another forum but nobody really gave any insight. Maybe the right person will see it here. Here’s the thing I was getting intense headaches everyday I would not go away no matter what I took. blood pressure was high but when I went to the doctor they said it was normal so they didn’t even worry about it. catching cramps everywhere no matter how much fluid I would drink,anyway I’m going to try and post up the labs and see if anyone could maybe point something out.



That’s exactly another good reason to post up labs man. Most of us know a lot more about reading labs and the endocrine system than your GP does, unfortunately. I’m sure getting a few hundred sets of eyes on it, we might be able to help


I just sent mine out 4 days ago so I will have mine soon





@Louisianimal Damn bro you’re a model of human health on AAS lol. Seriously man the only things that are standing out to me is you’re a bit on the low side for Vitamin D, which is typical for this time of year when you’re inside frequently and your estradiol is about 15pg higher than normal range. Neither of which I can attribute to headaches or cramping. The only thing I can’t seem to find is your CBC (complete blood count) for things like WBC, RBC, Hemoglobin, Hemotocrit, etc. Higher blood pressure and high hemotocrit go hand in hand usually and that can definitely result in headaches. Not sure about the cramping though.


I posted some in my log in the last part of 2018 but im off cycle now so im pretty sure my results would bore you lol


I get cramps often as well and have found that powdered Taurine helps quite a bit. This is the stuff I use regularly. 2 scoops a day. They are tiny so it’s lasts awhile.


@rnmuscle any insight on his question?


Here’s mine after coming off 700mg every Monday Thursday for 15 weeks. This was about week 4 off cycle. I am on TRT. and backing down a tad bit more. I gave a pint of blood last month and going back in the 29 to see how my numbers look.



Looks like you’re on self TRT. Are you using a sponsor on the board?


And yes. My cholesterol is shit. Bad genetics. But we live a long time still. :joy:


This is what I take good stuff for the price but var still cramps me up.
The injectable aminos im using now are the best thing I have ever used


Tudca,Taurine have been proven basically useless to protect the liver.
The product that you want is a combination called MIC and then once you finish use the GLUTATHIONE


No. I’m on cript TRT.


Do you have any links to this stuff? MIC and Glutathione?


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