Bloodwork how come no one posts?


I just pulled bloods on Tues morning for split dose of 1200mgs (600mg Sun and Thurs) of United’s test400 and 900mgs of eq same split as above. Ill post them once i have results


Excited for these. Should be any day!


I emailed them earlier today havent gotten an answer yet! I decided to lower my dosage of test ive been at 1200mgs for a long time and actually am gonna start cutting down slowly getting ready for cruising at end of summer. I cut back to 1/2cc of test400 and 1cc of npp eod. Thats still 1400mgs total a week of gear but starts the process of whining it down slowly


The week before last i did my last shot (1cc test400 and 1cc eq300) Mon 6/25 as i knew i was gonna do a split dose for bloods like you had told me to do so i did my next shot which was on Sunday 7/1 almost a week later. I shot 600mgs of test400 and 450mgs of eq300. I also shot this same amount on Thurs 7/5. On Sunday i switched over to npp which needs eod pinning so i decided id cut test back by half and resume back to eod as well.
Hopefully this gives accurate representation of my test levels once i get my results hopefully anyday now


I had blood drawn on Tues morning 7/3


Yeah bro. 48 hours after a split dose is good. Sometimes they take 7-10 business days. So could still be a few more days. It’s cuz it takes longer for the >1500 testosterone blood panel. But you def needed that at 1200mg a week haha.


Yeah bro do you think a week in between shots will have any negative effect on results?


Hmmm I’m confused. I thought you were running 1200mg a week and doing split doses. When or why did you take a week off?

Either way, It shouldn’t make that big of a deal. Your levels would still be high because you had been at that dose for several weeks. and you hit a split dose pin 48 hours before. I wouldn’t fret it.


I was doing eod shots but when you told me most accurate way to do it was split dosage so i waited 6 days thinking id get a more accurate reading that way of the split dosage. Maybe? Lol


Either way im sure the reading will be good i havent had anything but great results with United


Haha it’s okay. It won’t make that much of a difference. I don’t think it will really have any affect at all. You’ll be good.


Boooooom! You were right @Fitraver those are some impressive numbers i knew it all along lmao!!!’


damn @MBTJR1980 there you go!! Over 5x your dose still even with your little week off bout before haha. Those look good. Nice work @United. May wanna edit your post to say which test and how much you were running again just so it’s in one place when people look at 25 people don’t ask you :slight_smile:

How are all your other health markers? Rbc? Alt? AST? Etc…


This is on 1200mgs of test400 and 900mgs of eq300 United Gear split dosage.
My numbers arent great but now that i know im gonna run tudca along with my milk thistle and Nac to lower my AST and ALT. Plus i just lowered my testosterone to 700mgs a week (1/2cc of test400 eod).


Ill be doing another one in a month or so to see what my levels will be at on the lower dose and to see if Tudca is helping lower my liver markers.


Nice man!! Yeah get those liver values down and you will be good. A dose of Tudca and NAC as you said. Could also add liv52 DS. Super cheap on eBay. Actually grabbing more for myself now. It’ll come from India so takes a few weeks. But like $40 for 10 bottles and you only take two a day. It’s like 300 days worth.

I’d have to research what high carbon dioxide in blood means. Haven’t seen that before. You’re not too high, but may be something to look into just in case.

Do you donate blood while on eq?


i got that liv52 too, good stuff


6200 :grin: nice number .


My man! Appreciate you taking the time to get this done and post it big dog.


My pleasure boss man!!! Just wanted everyone to see what ive already known for a long time that your gear is tha bomb!!