Bloods from before and after from IJL


Here are my bloods from before starting and after using @Iron_Junkie_Labs Test C

Defiantly pleased with the results


I’ll be placing another order soon!!


Dose you running? & bloods drawn how far into cycle/cruise?


150mg twice a week, still rolling


Sorry 8 weeks in


Bloods drawn how many hours after last pin?


Roughly 24 hrs


Solid numbers!! IJL is def good to go.




IJL’s top quality products.


great results for that dosage. thanks for posting


No problem brother’s, always glad to help


Hell yeah @Iron_Junkie_Labs is the fkn man! Those are fantastic numbers for that dosage bro! Good for you. Made a very smart choice going with my bro @Iron_Junkie_Labs :metal:t2:


Fuck yeah brotha, @Iron_Junkie_Labs is my go to source for now on!


Me tooo brotha! Everything from @Iron_Junkie_Labs is gtg plus he makes the whole process as easy as possible! T/A is incredibly fast love it! I got a pack landing tomm excited AF lol!!


Most definitely brotha, I just upped my dose to 600mg split looking to add some more goodies. Open to suggestions, I was thinking some dbol


Maybe add in some npp and injectable d-bol. Id run 100mgs of npp and 50mgs of inj d-bol every other day to start. Classic combo of drugs for gaining some serious mass. Just make sure you eat to gain and train like a bull


No worries there brotha, think I will do just that thank you for the advise @MBTJR1980


Anytime bro keep me posted and hit me up if you need any help or advice :wink:


Most definitely will brotha greatly appreciated :wink: