Blood Work using IJL


Here’s my latest blood work using Test C from @Iron_Junkie_Labs . In May I ended my cycle of 600mg/week of test C and 600mg/week of EQ cyp. Since then, I have been on 200mg/week of Test C and taking exemestane every 4-5 days. Planning a new cycle starting for October. Blood was drawn about 36 hours after the previous injection.


Damn that’s a fantastic number for 200. I’d say you may be pinning a little lee than 200! Thanks for eating bloods it’s greatly appreciated.


That is insane Total T for 200mg/wk. Almost 8X dosage. It is either overdose or you’re a high responder. Get that E2 in check buddy. :wink:

Thanks for sharing and spending your hard earned money to get and post labs. Greatly appreciated.


@SemperFi - yeah I know. When I saw the E2 number I knew that I would have to get that number down. I’m glad it wasn’t higher as this was my first time running this low of a dosage, so I wasn’t too sure of what the timing for aromasin should be.


That is great you are learning about how your body will respond to different doses and blood work proof seals the deal. Rock it @saxfarmer


That’s unbelievably awesome bro thank you for posting and getting this done!


Great job on the bloods brother much appreciated! Please email us for a discount on your next order due to it being your first time showing IJL blood work done :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! I haven’t really seen much of the members sharing bloods ( unless I’m missing them somewhere) ! Good job!