Blood work results upload and testosterone labs


He is very understanding, and of course explained, “because of his oath” that it would be his recommendation that I don’t use the stuff. But said he would be glad to help me in anyway as long as I stay honest about it!


Right on… And that’s the exact same oath they abide by when they prescribe oxy’s and other drugs that have huge negative side effects that actually kill people. Talk about a hippocratic’al’ oath. LMAO

Good luck @josh… be responsible and put your overall health at the top of your values. I hope you are fully recovered from your car accident and no one else was seriously injured.


Got the Testosterone reults in today… Let me know what you think.



What was your dose? How long have you been on? What’s your pin schedule. How long after pin did you pull bloods. We can’t gice you help without that info. Who’s brand are you on? What kind of test?


Started with 1 vial of test prop at 50mg ed, and tren a at 50mg ed, added 250mg test e at 2 times a week. The bloods were taken 3 weeks into cycle and I pinned about 24 hours before blood draw… one mistake for sure was I didn’t fast before test. And Getpumped ugl is my brand!


The tren will have zero effect on increasing total testosterone so we only need to consider the actual testosterone weekly totals and how long you have been taking the total dose.

@josh to help clarify what is your current weekly total dose of testosterone and how long have you been at that dose? I am assuming you are at 500mg/wk of TestE and the TestP was a kick start. My apologies but your post does not make that clear to me.

Once blood serum levels are peaked properly dosed testosterone will place total testosterone levels at approximately 5X the weekly dose total (give or take). i.e… 500mg/wk you would like to see your Total T to be in the 2500ng/dL range.


Yes sorry the test prop was just a kick start… and the test e is at 500/week currently, so total length of time on this cycle is only been at most 4 weeks now


He also pulled after 3 weeks tho sooooooo


Yes true and I just talked with my src, and he agreed I probably should have pulled at 6 weeks, so I could see it starting to build up… What do you think?


I personally would have waited until week 6 and I would have bloods drawn 48-72 hours after my last injection.


I have to agree with @SemperFi @Fitraver who both are the proverbial trt drs of this site :metal:t2: Love you guys!! So next time take their advice when pulling bloods bud. Also get your ass on some liver protection tudca, Nac, and Liv-52 should get you looking better in the Ast Alt department :wink:


I have taken their advice so far and to the best of my ability, so I did get tudca and liv52 in today. Im highly appreciative of all the advice im receiving on here and been listening, researching, and learning from everybody on here. Thank you very much for also being of concern… much appreciated @MBTJR1980


That should help you bro.


Oh and if I forgot to mention it I also have an appointment scheduled on Tuesday with the red cross to donate blood like everybody has expressed great concern over that also… so thanks everybody and trust me im listening and doing my best!


Steroid use is a huge personal learning experience that comes with a lot of responsibilities. We all started at the beginning. Fortunately there are places like UGM for veterans and new comers alike can come together to share and learn. @josh there is absolutely nothing wrong with standing on the shoulders of giants to learn and to get where you want to be. Just remember to pass on your experience and knowledge on to someone in need when the time comes.

My life Mantra is “gains are measured by how much you give away for the benefits of others “ and I hope you can adopt a mantra that keeps you accountable to yourself.

Above all be a positive influence in the use of steroids and make your health your top priority. We can change the mass negative view on responsible steroid use if we all do a few simple things.

Just one quick question out of curosity. Why did you choose to use Tren so early in your steroid experience? Thanks in advance for your honest answer.


Very well written and said @SemperFi, I’ll take that one to heart and continually build knowledge and strength… as I grew up I was one of those people who always sat back and listened to what people were doing and said before I ever made a decision so I could get multiple forms of input. Your reply is absolutely amazing and if I could shake your hand I would!
As far as the tren is concerned a few years back before I was ever involved, I owned a shop that one of my business neighbors was a retired bodybuilder and his son and daughter-in- law were involved in competitions, so we would always just have random talks and discussions about his past and what he would use… one of the last things he told me before I got involved myself, was “when God made earth, he was on tren”, and he firmly believed that, so it’s always been stuck with me…



So I’ve got another question for you… since im donating blood on Tuesday, should I follow the same time frame guidance you have expressed with my last injection being 48 - 72 hours prior to donating?


Are you donating blood or getting labs? If you’re donatinf blood your pinning schedule doesn’t mean anything. Just give.


Awesome post again man! I agree 120% with you!


Tren is one of the most powerful and potent chemicals know to bbers. You have to be very careful because it comes with a long list of sides that can cause lots of health problems. I would of left this one for down the road when you had a lot more experience my man. I love tren but it turns me into the devil and i cant have that around my lil boy or my wife. They deserve only the best of me but back in my competition days tren was my best friend :smiling_imp: nothing can transform a body like that shit :muscle:t2: