Blood Work on IJL Test E?


Has anyone ran bloods on IJL Test E recently? IJL has been put on Do Not Order as of now & a lot of member have his oils & not sure what to do, so if you have bloods like real bloods on his test e… Then please post! I might also run blood since I’m on his new batch of test e for a couple weeks now


Blood tests of others wont show you much. But an individual test yourself if you have an issue with running a high amount and dont feel anything. Most his issues arent for low dosed gear but shitty made gear. And test is cheap so highly doubt it would be low dosed in most cases.


you need to run your own bro. Especially on the dose you’re on and not feeling anything.


Personal blood work like Fit and TG suggested would be the only way to tell man.


Yea I will, was just checking if anyone already did, because if their don’t look good then no point of wasting $ on more bloods


Wait a minute . I didnt know he was suspended and I just ordered . @Bigmurph is it ok to ask why?


Theres a thread I posted earlier explaining it.


lol what did you order? Its because some members had a problem with his oils


If your on his new batch of test as he claims then people that have the old batch the bloods wouldnt matter. You really need your own bloodwork or spend the same money on another source product that theres been no issues with if its only a couple vials. All depends how much you have.


A lot :sob:


Then getting bloodwork maybe worth it.


Certainly worth the expense if your pinning 1800mg/wk and are not feeling anything @MuscleGod.


Oh fuck. Now I remember this lol. Yeah you gotta get bloods asap so not wasting time.


I can’t believe you’ve wait this long to get bloods at that dose and not feeling anything.


Been a week on his “New batch”


Sex drive increases happen within a few days for most individuals. Total testosterone will begin to rise within hours after injection. Peak times are subjective but 5-7 days is a popular position with clinical evidence to support it and then those levels will begin to decline slowly. Kick in times are a bro-science myth from a hormonal stand point but I can understand the concept from an actual gains perspective.

At 1800mg/wk I would be noticing at least some water retention in the period of time that you have been on the ‘new batch’.

Let us know how it works out @MuscleGod


I meant the batch you were on that was shit. Well now if you feel it you’ll never know for sure on the one batch lol


About 12- 24 Hrs after pinning I feel like shit, like I got hit by a truck for about 2-3 days… Could that be test flu? I’ve experienced that a long time ago when I was still new to the game & it wasn’t even as bad as this now, what does everyone think?


Anyone who tried a us Dom src & had great experience with their products Test E, NPP, Tren please let me know! PM etc & I don’t want the “all sources on here are great” this is my 2nd time getting screwed over by srcs from here, about a year ago from OmniLabs who got banned & then again with IJL. & sadly it was known that IJL could possibly be sending out poisened gear since at least September but it wasn’t made public till several members got screwed over. I hope this doesn’t happen again


I can imagine that taking such a large dose of testosterone can lead to some wacky hormone increases that could cause a person to experience those symptoms.

With the history of the source admitting some brewing technique issues I would be concerned about impurities, chemicals and/or concentration.

You been in the game long enough @MuscleGod and you know what you need to do so I suggest listening to your instincts. :wink: