Blood work for hgh?


This year holds a pro card that you should already have. I know that you are humble about it but those judges robbed you.
You should have gotten it.
My opinion


Thanks bro. Just have to keep working harder for that card.


Yo. Sorry. I continue to have issues with my post office. Even other packages they want to leave at the door that require any signature it whatever. They leave a note on the door then after you sign and shoot they never come back. Including court docs for my divorce.

I reached out to the supplier and apologized for everything. Tried to get it delivered again, but their site said already sent back to sender. This was a great service from the supplier and I was legitimately going to do everything that was asked for the offer of the gear.

Didn’t work out and again sorry.


And yes I left it in the mail box too.


Thank you again MGT and sorry for my failure in this.


By looking at you its all fake…JK


Did it require a signature? Their new stuff is incredibly priced.


Mine wanted signature I signed and put in mailbox and next day it was in box


I fart in your general direction.


Yes mine wanted signature as well. I signed it put it on the door. Got online rescheduled delivery, nothing. Put it in the mailbox, nothing. Got online, said returned to sender. Horseshit.


I would file a complaint against your mailman. No bs if he isn’t doing his job he needs to get his ass in gear.
If you file a complaint it might get back to you if you don’t it might cause you an issue if its opened by the wrong person.
I would seriously get on the phone with them and tell them what happened and report it then they will deliver it has a tracking number so they will reroute it for you back to you once it gets scanned if you file a complaint


I have talked to neighbors who have had similar issues, including delivering packages to the wrong mailbox. we have all filed complaints in the last week. Hopefully this fixes any future issues.


I promise it will I filed a complaint against my mailman years back because he was a racist and saw I was getting pacs from other countries that he apparently didn’t like and when he came to get the signature he would always say something stupid or talk shit.
I filed a complaint and his whole attitude changed the next signature he got it was a bello how are you thanks so much instead of him spitting racial slurs about whatever region the pac was from


Yeah the USPS takes complaints pretty seriously due to them being federal employees


We’ve had similar issues in my neighborhood. I live in a rural area. The entire neighborhood has had problems with packages not getting delivered or showing up at different houses in the neighborhood. Numerous complaints have been turned in without any change. Post office just gives us the runaround. I hope it works out better for you. I have to get my supplements shipped to my parents’ house so my neighbors don’t end up with my goodies.


Damn that sucks, any complaints I’ve ever made definitely positively affected the situation but it could be due to me being in bigger cities.


Im the same

But I would still walk in and raise hell I would call the regional office that is part of a big city rather than the country where the good old boys have been running the post office for 3 generations lol