Blood work for hgh?


Just to jump in phd has already done his testing plus from the beginning he said that he was going to have to wait and I pushed for him to get a kit even though he wouldn’t be able to test right away.
I wanted phd to get to use the best hgh out there right now. I made sure that @PHD received a test no matter what. I wanted him to definitely get a chance to use MGT biologics being that its the best next to jintropin right now

I hope that you liked it @PHD


I was not referring to you @phd strictly because @Bigmurph said in his post something about that you were testing it soon.


And you even said on your post that it would be soon, so @PHD if my comment didn’t apply, let if fly brother.


No I won’t let it fly lol. No need to talk like that to other members. Staff will handle it if it needs to be.


@Bigmurph I will say that without test results I can already tell it’s good gh I can tell in shape and hair nail and skin. Definitely appreciate you pushing me to get it. I’ll definitely be ordering more. Need to find out what the difference is in the white and blue he just posted lol


Calm down dude



Calm down dude. I said it twice like you Incase you didn’t read it the first time. Lol.


I am calm but you keep talking to me like you are and I won’t be


So if I show you pics from Iraq does that make me a tough guy.


I don’t have pics of myself cause I’m not as big as you


What the fuck are you talking about. That’s a pic for results of gh. I didn’t threaten anyone so grow the fuck up and quit talking about members like you are.


Well my mistake then and I didn’t threaten anyone either


I seen the pic and thought you posted it because of what I was saying.

#56 here’s some positive vibes.


It’s awesome watching your progress bro, blows my mind that you’re still this lean and hard this long after a show. Definitely have what it takes to be a pro.


I believe the white needs to be reconstituted


Great song!


Thanks bro. We will see what this year holds.


I can say that the blue is the aqua 2 vials 51iu per vial
The white is the pro the powder in vials 11iu per vial