Blood work for hgh?


What happened to everyone who received the 5 kits that were given away by @MGT??

I was looking forward to seeing the results of the blood work on these. I know that one admin had blood work done.
Did everyone else receive there kits??


Just got mine been out of town won’t be able to do blood work till after Christmas due to work schedule


Im curious to see the numbers on the aqua


Didn’t @TrenGod post some?


He’s the admin haha


Hahaha good point brother


I’ll be pulling mine after Christmas as well.


Cool I wasn’t sure if the members had received them.


All good. Keep in mind the range is different in my country then usual for the US. What I see is pharma quality testing at 12 and this came in at 8.444.


They tried to deliver today but are wanting a signature. I didn’t get home till late and had to work out and do some other stuff, but will get this worked out.


Sign the slip and put in mailbox that’s what I did


Thanks gusy, I’m also waiting for your results


Still haven’t received mine. I signed and posted the slip that they left on my door. I did that Friday night. So two days of mail have now been delivered without any further attempts at delivery. Not sure why, and kind of concerned about it a little bit at this point.


I would ask your mailman where your package is. Tell him you need it before Christmas its a gift and you want to know what’s going on.


Just went through the re-delivery process online for the second time in 3 days. These lazy bastards returned to sender. Didn’t even attempt a re-delivery. I’m pissed. Sorry @MGT. This was such a great offer and this clearly shouldn’t have happened.


Strange, looks like package still sit in your postal office


I don’t get it then. I’ve gone online to get them to redeliver and it says package was returned to sender and I can’t do anything after that.


Yea same here, its the holidays & they’re going crazy… I had a pack sit at the post office for like 2 weeks now :joy: just go to the post office & ask for it


You could attempt to pick up. I signed slip and they left In my mailbox next day


Just wanna bump this thread and see if there was any testing done. I wanna give MGT a try and was curious on results. Thanks guys