Blood Results 800mg Test per Week


Here are my blood results done in November in week 6 of running a total of 800mg Test of our UNITED GEAR Test line( TEST E 500mg/week and TEST PROP 300mg/week at 75mg EOD.) and results came back with total 4,504 ng/dL

I’m currently prepping for a photo shoot and am also running Tren A 500mg/week and EQ 600mg/week

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Very solid numbers. You have any on here running bloods for you yet?


Not yet here on UGM, only from another board.


Here are blood results posted by another member using our product (TEST E 500mg/week) coming back with 2,875 ng/dL


Love it …photo shoots so ill do 3 grams of gear a week. I’m not being facetious…your a boss!


Love it United! Im looking into finding a place to do bloods. @Fitraver can you pm me the correct way to do it so i can give most accurate results please my man


I got you bro. Incoming.


Get em brotha!


Ill post on this thread once i get them done and have results my bro :raised_hands:t2:


I am right behind you in 2+ weeks for @UNITED Sust250 at 750mg/wk. @Fitraver @Bigmurph will help decide if a 48 hour or 72 hour post injection draw will be best for Sust.

@UNITED do you have preference you would like to see and be considered? It is your gear after all that we are checking blood serum levels of. Appreciate your input.


Honestly on sust I would hold out until wk 4 atleast because of longer esters releasing but I would pull 48hrs after pin because you should still catch the propionate and everything else at a good peak


I agree 48 hours is fine. And yeah wait at least 4 weeks. I think you said you were doing that tho already in our talks.


@Bigmurph @Fitraver I will be on 6 weeks at the time of the draw (mid July). Weeks 1-4 I am dosing 3x/wk. Weeks 5-12 I am switching to 2x/wk. Weekly dose total will remain the same at 750mg.

48 hours it is then.


I just switched from 3 times a week (Mon, Weds, Fri) to 2 times a week (Mon, Thurs) same total mgs per week. Ill be pulling bloods next Tues morning after pinning Sunday morning which will be 600mgs of United Gear test400 and 450mgs eq300. Will post up results as soon as i have them brothers :wink::facepunch:t2:


I am expecting my total T to exceed 3200ng/dl and if you respond at least at my level yours should come back in the 2800ng/dL range. The EQ will have no effect of total T.


Hey brother, I honestly dont know enough about the timing, so I would suggest what these other vets are recommending! Thx for asking though :slight_smile:


@SemperFi he is on 1200 Mg. That 600 was just one split dose. Right @MBTJR1980 I’d like to see 6000 from him as I go by 5x rule is good and 6x is on pace for pharma.

Edited number from 5000 to 6000 since my math apparently sucks and 1200x5 is 6000 not 5000 lol


Yessir! 1200mgs a week of United’s test400 and 900mgs of eq split into 2 doses


Got it. Thank you for the clarification.


I had to edit my post lol since I guess I couldn’t math this morning lol