Bitcoin with ATM and Mycelium... can someone tell me if I have this right?


If you have a little bit to invest/ gambe with, buy some Stellar Lumens, XLM. This has been as high as .75. It’s at .125 right now, was at .15 yesterday. I have a bunch and i plan on sitting on them and buying more. I got in at .10.

There is some serious money being made through day trading crypto right now. Can you imagine being one of the lucky ones to get in on Bitcoin when it was unknown. …


Fuck that noise. Get Blockchain and use a BTC ATM


I’m investing into pharmaceutical/medicinal Marijuana companies pretty soon they will be like big pharmaceutical companies. Stock is easy but in. But that’s me. :blush:


You are a wise man! Great opportunity!


Don’t have to dump a fortune. Just start small. Ameritrade. Do 200 bucks a month. Or payday. In 2 years you’ll be thanking me. Illinois will be legalizing and having laws like Colorado very soon. 5 other states are following suit.


Great article. 2 to 3% of where they’ll be. That would make for some big time ROI!


I use a blockchain for my wallet. And use the BTC ATM to put funds in to it.
Then send from my blockchain wallet


Yes don’t store a lot of money in the wallet.
It goes up and down too much.
I think I may have $25-$30 in mine at any given time.
Then when I’m going to make a purchase I use ATM load in funds and then immediately send it to who ever I am purchasing from.


Thanks everyone for your help! I ended up installing Blockchain for iOS, there’s an ATM nearby. Fed it $20 and it gave me $14.85 in BTC.

Couple of things to note: ATM required my phone number to text a PIN as well as my first and last name. There wasn’t a way around those questions without starting over.


And… I should have checked the rates a little better.

$20-$99 is 12% + $3
$100-$499 is 10%


@TBU that motley fool link only goes to an email capture page. They won’t disclose the investment opp until you buy a subscription.


One by me charges me 18%.
Then one about 20 minutes away is 7%.
All depends on if I have time to drive. :crazy_face:


It depends on the brand of ATM. For the ones in my area, I only need to put in my phone number to receive an SMS for the pin. I’ve been to others that have requested my name and I just found different ATMs that didn’t ask. IMO the blockchain is the way to go though.


Yes. It was just for the read. I don’t pay for motley. I have fidelity as my company I work with for investments. If you want to know mine I’ll tell you. :grin:


Thanks @TBU it was an interesting read. Perfect timing too, by buddy texted me about a week ago about the return he’s getting on a similar investment.


@Ominous I’d make the trip! :grin:

I found one a little further away, 7%.


I think the investment in marijuana is gonna be a bit risky. As soon as it is federally legalized. There will be a Pepsi and Coke. That’s the only thing holding it back is figuring out whos gonna control everything, and who is going to be on the inside. But then again I don’t know shit about investing except that everyone involved has to make money. I hear people talking about returns and portfolio, its sounds like paper money until you cash out. Isn’t the goal to know when to get out? Money actually scares me. Shit, i am getting old. As have all of you, I’ve seen money turn people into monsters. But if anyone wants to give me free advice…im just F#[email protected]#%& around. I wanted to be that old bastard above the gym, that works the desk and plays my music, makes you sign in can’t even do that anymore.


The problem with using the ATM is the price of bitcoin is jacked way up. Open up on Coinbase. To start you will only have a max of $100 per week if you spend this every Monday for a month they will up up to $750-$1500 per week. If you don’t want to wait the atm does work it has on screen instructions just be aware you will pay around 30% higher then bitcoin is actually worth


Problem with Coinbase is they want phone #, full name, last 4 of SSN, home address, and answer questions about intended use and income source.

Agree though, I read a little more this morning and see the price at the ATM was a little high.


Large tobacco companies will buy up start up and set companies like Cronos that’s when the getting is good. It will be just like tobacco. Get in with a good quality investment firm. That’s where you can explore and find out what’s good for you. I like Fidelity. But there are several out there as good.