Bitcoin and Payments Online


I just got 200 TRX I believe that you’re right I will hold and sell at .32cents.
I also bought into AMB and I have been buying as much ripple as possible I believe that its going to tank and I will buy more around 2.15$ then it will run to 4$ and I will sell.


Let me know what you think about other coins im going to create the crypto trading category tonight


@Bigmurph i would like to be a part of this to learn as much as i can about a variety of cryptocurrencies & trading/exchanging them


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This place explains the basics of everything about cryptocurrency it just came out.
It says to use coinbase but I would use local Bitcoin. Com or any other type of wallet before I use coinbase local Bitcoin dot-com is actually pretty good. Click on this link to sign up

Then go here but it’s a pain in the ass to sign up for takes about 48 hours but it’s worth it because then you’ll be able to trade and cryptocurrency and invest


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When people ask for advice on trading…



@Bigmurph looks like we will have to wait on binance because they Have to work on there webpage infrastructure, but i will keep checking up on it.


I’m sorry bro I forgot that they’re not accepting new members yet until they build up their website but that’s every single exchange basically bittrex is also doing the same thing but still sign up while you can if it lets you

If you want me to invest some BTC for you send it to my account and I’ll put it in whatever coin you want


Any of you guys that might want to try swing trades on binance should download the desktop app. The website version gets overwhelmed when trading picks up and wont let you trade.


I was having trouble last night with the mobile version and I did get on my laptop
They actually started telling you clients that they can’t even enroll yet until they build up the system. On the mobile version also when I try to sell it will only allow me to buy and I try to buy the tries to say so it’s really weird in a lot of bugs to fix I definitely agree that the website is the better exchange version

What is your top 3 coins that people should invest in.

Im thinking XRP holding ,next is ETC it hit will ht around 5$


The website still has issues. there is a desktop application that works even better.

Murph, can the link stay or you repost it.


I have my portfolio 1 part stable and 2 parts volatile

the stable coins are the big 3, BTC LTC and ETH

my volatile coins include ADA, TRX, SUB, NEO and XLM

This whole crypto thing is driven by emotion, the ol’ FOMO ( fear of missing out) and FUD ( fear, uncertainty, doom). You kind of have to follow the hype and the buzz. but follow it close. Tons of pump and dumps by groups as well as whales. Pretty much every pump is followed by a dump. Resist the urge to buy at the top of the pump… wait, there will be a dump soon enough.

I watch a few guys on you tube that know more than me and go with their suggestions. I’d be full of shit if I said I understood blockchain technology. I do understand when they talk about partnerships and that kind of thing.


EXP seems like a safe and steady growth coin, unless something comes up to make it obsolete. ETH is looking like a nice safe place for growth too.

IF you got in on ripple early you gotta be loving it. There are 38 billion ripple in circulation, so I really dont think it will grow a whole lot more… but ya never know


Thats alright just no affiliate links.
All other links are fine to post. Only staff can post affiliate links or sponsors


Yeah I bought 200 Ripple when it was still around 1+
I bought a couple of different times adding to my portfolio so the price was 1$+ to 2.15ish
I believe that ripple is the coin that will keep growing


I just have coinbase wallet. I’ve had it for over 2 years. The first price was like 450 for a btc, whatever it was, I put 750 in there. Spent some and left 300 or 0.38 btc. I don’t remember except I checked back a few months later and my wallet had 4xs that. I should of left it, but I spent on supplements. Free muscle!


Kucoin is nice and binance. Zcl is forking this month and only on bittrex i believe