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After doing a little more research I’m steering clear of verge now. Theres alot they claim to have done they really havent. Within the community it seems to be a 4chan group. If they release a code they claim to have by 1st of year they may have a chance. If not then its surely a scam pumped by John McAfee


Binance has been a blast to trade on.
lots of alt coins to pick from.


verge got hammered today, zcoin was up huge


Yeah someone posted to reddit that verge had no plans of releasing wraith protocol and showed proof in the github. So people sold. Here’s the problem. Theres no privacy other then they have their app behind tor as default. Well other apps are capable of that too. They claim their chain is encrypted and it’s not. You can clearly see transactions like any other blockchain. They claim their magical wraith protocol will make it where you can choose encryption or not. So poeple are waiting for it but they’ve been claiming to release it for awhile and never do.


John Mcafee sure is a promoter on Verge.

Worth watching verge, but not ready to pull the trigger at .16


Ill take most any altcoin. Wallets for everything


Verge turned out to be a completely hyped up coin.
Im glad I made 4 cents and got out at 20 cents.

Im going to create a crypto currancy trader’s category. Im really into trading now and ive been doing well. I had to lose a 100$ but since then ive been making some money here and there.

What does everyone think about the crypto trader category? I think that we could all learn from each other helping each other out. Im going to make it invite only so if you’re interested in joining the group make a post here saying that you want in and I will add you into the category.
I will create it asap.


Remember just post a reply and I will add you in or if you dont want it to be public that you’re part of the group just PM me @Bigmurph


I do a lot of it


I think itd be good to make that a private section imo. At least so only members can view and post


Yep its gonna be invite only so the original group that posts here will be added then if anyone else wants in a member has to vouch for them


That was a good month brother merry Christmas :wink:


I would like to be able to sit in on this. Study up. I don’t know that much but I’d like to at least know something more. I made a couple bucks by accident because I’ve been using bitcoin and before I had access to immediate transactions, I bought a certain amt so it would " be there" for basically promos. I’d like to know what to read up on and what to buy instead since it seems to be changing.


I personally don’t think verge is dead yet, they just gotta get the kinks worked out of their wraith protocol that released. I sure wish I had kept my tron tho. It’s skyrocketing. May still grab some more. Think it’ll see a $1 by end of year.


Verge is a scam. They’ve claimed it now 4 times. Never works. Problem is there is no real developers. Just a guy that smoke out and sniffs paint and take shrooms. He has no real education and missed alot of errors on the regular github that others pointed out to him. Hes just not capable of doing it. Nothing is encrypted and never has been. Yet hes claimed it from the begining it was.


Its true ive seen posts all day today showing lists of verge transfers from ip addresses. Nothing encrypted no more than a regular blockchain transaction.


I was looking at it today almost grabbed alot but it worries me. Its been so low for so long no one has even tried to pump and dump it so I went with another coin that did well today pulled my profit and hold the rest


I’m developing an addiction to this crypto trading game.

TRX is about to go off, I think


Brother I’m right there with you I’ve been doing alright though so it’s not like I’ve been losing money I have lost a little but I gained it back and some but I’m not getting rich or anything. But you got to admit it’s so much fun. I was never a gambler but I don’t see this as gambling I do my research and I picked my one for the day or on days I go all out and get a couple at a high amount just to see what’s going to happen. It is addicting though

Arn 300+%wtf

Right now I’m buying Ripple it’s going to go back up to around 4 then I’m out


Anyone using this site?

Any good or bad feedback


Ive used it before. No issues.