BIGMURPH cycle log 1st cycle of the year

Today I weighed in at 216
2ml primo started the pharmacom
1ml npp purity source
1ml 250mg testosterone enanthate purity source
60mg anavar AOL

Work out was arms and back
Im not going to lay out the whole workout but hour and a half in the gym.
I was super pumped up from the var


So just an update ive leaned out nice my workouts are going great. My weight has leveled off but still getting gains my whole upper body is rock hard.
The abs have still not developed but the shape and density is there just a little more.

I also wanted to let everyone know that 200mg/ml primo has a bite nothing debilitating but im just not used to it.
I now have 2 pharmacom primo 200
I also have 3 dragon pharma 200
Its going to be a great run


I wanted to also add on to my log that testosterone enanthate is an amazing compound. With just a gram or maybe 750mg like I did can really do alot.
I was planning on using primo and dhb but both have a bite especially the dhb that shit hurts. Still not debilitating but definitely painful.
I didn’t feel that the gains would be worth it so I dropped the dhb and im glad I did because once I can really start to see and feel the primo at 600mgs im going to lower my testosterone levels to just 500mgs a week.
Im going to be using anavar with it but it should be a nice simple cycle and I can guarantee that I will come out the other side so lean and so ripped that im going to surprise myself. I have already seen the changes since I started and its only going to get better.


How long were you on the DHB? What dose were u running?

Hows that var.? Thinking of pulling the trigger throwing it at the end of my test cycle… How long were you on till u noticed a dif

I used 400mg a wk for 2wk and dropped it. Just to much to use at the same time especially with pip everywhere I just felt really uncomfortable

Im using AOL var and its great im running 30mg morning 30mg pwo I get great nice fullness and the tabs are solid. No crumble or dust. I would recommend them forsure


Im getting big quickly and not fat big I trimmed the fat im holding some water but I weighed in at 222lb yesterday. Im looking lean and just waiting for lines to take shape on my abs I think that its a couple weeks out.
I was blown away because I don’t weigh myself and I was looking in the mirror thinking damn im looking kinda big I wonder what I weigh and I get an extra 16lbs from my last weigh in and im so much learner.
Im back to my XL shirts being skin tight and looking good im happy feel good diet is on point I found a nice little way to make my oats better im just adding a scoop of chocolate muscle milk to them and they taste great. That’s 2 meals a day now plus I eat my eggs in the morning and dinner varies from meat to meat and veggies always as a side.
Ive been even eating chicken ceasar salads not much ceasar but romaine and some dressing.
I think that this is going to be a great cycle for me. The 200mg/ml primo is so much easier than using 100mg/ml.
The labs im using I believe are definitely making a difference.
Pcom primo 600mg
Alpha omega var 60mg
Purity source labs testosterone enanthate 750mg and npp 450mg but the npp is cut out I also kicked with there tbol which I liked.
Dragon pharma is my next 2 vials of primo 600mg
All around lifts are up looking leaner and definitely put on some mass.
I can definitely say that my legs have gotten stronger and bigger im killing the leg machines.

I still have the dhb which I took out but I will run after the primo runs out.


Nice progress brotha! Those numbers are awesome!

332 lbs dam your huge


Damn 332 you climbed up quick homie. Post up pics for results


222 is what it was supposed to be 300+ never for me


Lol I didn’t think you caught that typo lol

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Ya 332 is big… :no_mouth:

I’m still only 185lb lol

Ha ha I was waiting for the responses

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Where are the update pics bro, sounds like you’re killing it.


The last picture was 30 days im going to need to get one up for sure.
I will post one at the gym tonight

Just an update also that really surprised me but pharmacom gear atleast the primo 200mg/ml was actually vaccuum sealed like hgh comes.
It surprised me I don’t see that often.


Any new photos? Like to see the progress.


Bump for new photos. I want to see what this primo is doing.