BIGMURPH cycle log 1st cycle of the year



Get some?


Ha ha no…




I wanted to hear you say get some marine lol


No that’s gay


I shouldn’t say that because I didn’t serve so I don’t have the right to hear that


Ha ha but it’s not even like that brother


Your too funny brother


I hate that saying, I’d rather say, KILL BODIES but that didn’t really apply




I like blood makes the grass grow


Stack bodies is probably my favorite. Or calling Marines “devil nuts” is just plain funny. Nice work bro. You’re killing it.


Yes that is one of my favorites, I usually save that for @N8GainTrain


Congrats on the progress bro .keep it going :muscle:


Thanks brother 3.5wks so got another 17 wks basically


Bro I think we are going to have to report you for violating male nudity rules of the forum. Too much male nipple in this thread :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: @TrenGod lol

Keep killing it all jokes aside


I just know how much you love the nips. I do it just for you lol
I appreciate that brother im going to come out the other side of this cycle in the right place I have the formula of diet and training down then im adding some compounds including tren to finish up most is just going to be test ,primo,npp.
Then I’m just going to experiment a bit. Im going to run some ment,winny,nandrolone base.
I should be ripped and lean with good size mass once I finish.



My wife is screaming shut up because Im laughing so hard lol


Lol. Show her so she will
Laugh lol