BIGMURPH cycle log 1st cycle of the year



Killin it bro!


Thanks brother


Thanks brother


Really awesome work brother.


I should have also added that I will be dropping the npp slowly and starting the primo at 400mg next week then up to 600wk then 800wk and then see how I feel about staying high or lowering the dose


Much appreciated really


@Bigmurph i seen the before pic… id like to possibly see the end results. Thanks for posting bro!


I will be posting pictures usually every 2wks

I started at 236ish now im 214 4wks running
750mg testosterone enanthate
450mg npp
Tool 60mg
I just changed the cycle to
750 testosterone enanthate
Npp is no more
Primo 400mg 600mg 800mg then lower to where im comfortable and feeling good usually 400mg.
Dhb will be added 400mg
2 months of test primo dhb then
1 month cutmix test prop, tren ace,mast prop to end it out
Tbol 60mg combined 30mg mourning 30mg pm
Anavar 60mg 30mg mourning 30 mg pm
Hgh 4iu
Helios last 3 wks


I don’t know how you remember all of that but obviously it’s working lol


I have a little white board and it all organized ready to go


I keep a journal lol. I used to use a whiteboard “just in case” but I just said F it and went to a paper journal




Now that gets me everything except I need more hgh and primobolan.
Working on that while cooking my next 3 days worth of food and going to the gym tonight for arms


Slowly but surely npp is going to get dropped to run testosterone enanthate primo and dhb.


interesting. Is Alpha pharma just on stuff already made? I thought i read no longer around or something to that effect.


Alpha pharma is a registered pharmaceutical company in India and Singapore. The owner was arrested and jailed recently for drug trafficking in the UK. There factories have never stopped producing products though because they have all the licenses they need


DHB, like Primo, can take a little bit to “kick” but you’ll know it when it does. Vascularity will start to increase, it’s a bit thermogenic so you’ll start to sweat a bit more and your muscular endurance keeps you rockin through each workout longer and longer. It’s a great compound man. Especially since it’s near PIP free you can take it as high as you want. I ran it at 600mg easy. I’d like to try it someday at low test, 700 DHB/700 Primo and run it out for 16 weeks. That would be a nice lean cycle


Original 232lbs

Today 3/12 216lbs
Starting to make progress

Primo has started


Definitely see difference, and some vascularity… so what do you think is gonna be the next word outta my mouth?