BIGMURPH cycle log 1st cycle of the year



I gotta see the deer you are killing or the pussy you are getting cuz I’m lost man…Maybe Marines just do it different?

I’m with @Berserker, Hunting or Fucking- Im going with the later.


Hi @Bigmurph, almost done jacking your log… the way I see it is, nutting doesn’t last long, killing a deer the feeling lasts longer, everything about killing the deer is beneficial, exercise draggin it, feeding me the woman and kid, even the dogs, give some to Dad and sisters, EVERYBODY benefits, however not everybody benefits from me getting pussy. If I get pussy yeah it’s fun,yay got my nut off, then I go on about my business as usual, however if I kill a deer I replay it over and over for days and it makes me happy,joyous and free. Also I’m getting married in June, sonthe pussy is there to stay, but every time I hunt there’s a new deer to be killed, not the same one all the time.


Should be a good run


12#s is solid in 2 weeks! That’s a great start to what should be a fantastic run!


Hitting it hard this time. I want a certain build and im gonna get it
Thanks brother


Another vial of liquid gold so that’s 1 dragon pharma 200mg/ml 2 pharmacom labs 200mg/ml 20 amps bm pharmaceuticals 100mg/ml 1 vial of 150mg/ml and a symbiotec 100mg/ml
Were going to be hitting the primo hard starting in a couple of weeks.

Helios I will run this as a finisher after all my ephedrine hcl amps are gone and I want the abs to be that much tighter.

Heading to the gym soon probably 2hrs and man kodiak cakes keeps coming up with new stuff for me to but they have instant muffins, i loaded up on 2 48oz quick oats and I bought a jug of chocolate muscle milk to add to my kodiak cakes and make chocolate pancakes @fitraver would be so excited lol

I also got 20 caber .5mg tabs but I was a little upset that they didn’t include the package. :rage:


I got all my Primo ready to rock n roll too.


I want primo


This will be my first time running it. Normally it’s far too expensive for me based on how I want to use it. Fortunately I won a huge pharmacom contest and I got 8 bottles of Alpha Pharma Primo for free. Then I picked up a few more from Gear Church so I’ll be able to run 600 to 800mg a week for about 6 months


That sounds great, I have yet to run it, but I love the way it sounds


That’s a nice run you got there brotha!


At that amount for that time it completely changes your entire physique to perfect


I sure as fuck hope so lol


Lol it really does its amazing the way you feel isn’t a high but just invincible and that you can do anything.
Im starting mine next week


Primo alone won’t make anyone perfect. People fail to realize gear is small part of it. Diet and how you train that’s what changes the physique. And you don’t need to run primo any higher than 400mg a week. I ran 300mg a week during prep. Remember the tried and true rule of less is more


My last run I started high at 800mg and went down to 400mg and was good but I want to start high again but I will lower it but might stay at 600mg
With primobolan 100% about diet if you don’t feed the nitrogen rich environment you won’t grow. You can bulk on primo you just need to keep your protein as high as possible. You can have no crabs and use fats for energy like keto and still grow solid and feeling so good


You dont eat crab?


I keep carbs really low and high protein when I eat high carbs I bloat up and become a balloon


A little update im down to 214lb this morning im looking solid and I look smaller than when I came off my primo cycle but the jets are on and im kicking ass. I scrubbed 20lbs off and now im going to start putting weight back on because the testosterone enanthate 750mg and npp 450mg both PSL plus tbol at 60mg is getting my muscles really full and solid.
I hope next week the scale might be going down but my mass will continue to go up.
Pictures next week


Outfuckingstanding brother