BIGMURPH cycle log 1st cycle of the year



First meal quiche
Eggs whole
Green peppers

250mg testosterone enanthate PSL
the spike split in half I don’t know what happened I’m going to have to replace it.

300mg npp PSL spike worked perfectly
both pinned smooth cotton seed flows easily

MHN 20mg mourn 20mg night

Today no ephedrine hcl that’s for m-f today was modanifil 200mg sun pharma
Took my supps
Liver detox protectant mushroom mix
Joint protection with MSM
Potassium 2x 99mg
Creatine 3x 3.031mg
Asprin 81mg

Fasted cardio 45 min

Lift tonight


Man you worry me with the ECA stack on top of MHN on top of Aspirin?! I can hear your heart screaming for help. I honestly feel like you could get by with just the MHN, Test and NPP for now


A little update on almost 2wks. Ive dropped 6lbs of fat and I’ve really tightened up so I believe once I really get the testosterone enanthate kicked in with the tbol yeah I switch to tbol because I added npp with the test first 8wks are
Testosterone enanthate 750mg psl, Bayer
Npp 450mg psl
Tbol 40-60mg psl
Im running injectable amino acids
I got the MIC inj
I have the thiamine that might be wrong but the stuff that helps clean your liver.
Running b6
Caber sun pharma
Exemestane pharma natco
Got some great hydration mix

I honestly can already see the difference between fat and muscle on my body. I might have only dropped 6lbs but I probably added 10lbs of water and mass.

Pics coming soon


No brother I love the eca stack I actually ordered Helios for when I run out of ephedrine hcl amps. The ephedrine is lite and the asprin makes it easier on my body.
I have been checking my bp because im running 750mg of test so I don’t want it to really kick in and kill me. My average is 140/90 which is high but not that high for me. Before I started bp meds I was always 150-165/90-100

Helios is


I like the npp I’m a fan of it like you are, I should prob run it more but I don’t, anyways it’s Outfuckingstanding droppin the 6 lbs


I appreciate that brother


Congrats on the gains brother kkeep it up. :muscle: