BIGMURPH cycle log 1st cycle of the year



So I have finally healed to the point where I can start my cycle. I have been doing maintenance training just trying to keep things going and not let things fall off completely. I am now working out full force except I still and will always have to lift lighter and more reps because of my ruptured bicep and my ankle still isn’t fully healed so I can dtill squat just not heavy so it works out well doing higher reps. Im also going for I guess I will call it a cutting cycle but im looking to come out the other end 215-220lb with very little bf 12% is the spot I want. I usually walk around at 15% and I want to start to keep it tighter.
The cycle is like this
Testosterone enanthate 250mg raised to 500mg 20wks
Primobolan 600mg 20wk
MHN 10mg,20mg,30mg,40mg raising 10mg each wk going for 8 wks
Proviron 50mg split ed
Aromasin 6.25mg 1x a wk until bloods or sides show issues. Im not using anything except testosterone enanthate at 250 at the beginning so no aromasin might be used until around wk 6 when it hits 500 mg. Then I will do bloods for progesterone and estrogen wk 6 and see where im at.
CABER …25mg none first week but starting 2nd wk 2x a wk at .25mg raised to .5mg 2x a wk after wk 4.
EPHEDRINE Hcl 25mg amp inj caffeine 200mg 81mg asprin 3x a day for the first 6-8wks then will start again at the end during 20wk+ until I run out.
HGH 2IU-3IU throughout have been running before I started at 2iu im going to up to 3iu soon and keep at 3iu throughout the cycle.
The simple right up
Testosterone enanthate 500mg
Primo 600mg
MHN 10-40mg
Proviron 50mg
Aromasin 6.25mg-12.5mg
Ephedrine hcl amps 25mg/ml
Caffeine 200mg
Asprin 81mg
HGH 2-3iu
Possibly adding dhb if I find a good lab 400mg wk

My diet which is what is going to make all of these beautiful compounds work. I eat a heavy protein diet easily 300g but im looking at taking down my carbs to around 300g and fats will be 50g this is what im going for and the way I eat it is truly achievable.
I could even have days where I go over 300g of protein ut at 1.5g per lb I should be taking in 300g on the dot so being a little over or a little under won’t be to bad.
My goal is to cut I want to be more solid than I was after my last primo cycle.
This one is going to put me over the top of where I want to be because the last put me where I wanted to be so it can only get better.

BIGMURPH going for being $bigsolidmurph$

Purity source labs I decided to order BIGMURPH

Nice stack man! I’m looking forward to this log!


Looks pretty good. MHN is like anavar…?..if you had to liken it to something. Don’t think I’ve heard of it.


They have said that its like anavar not in the least bit to be honest it has some anavar qualities like full pumped muscles but MHN is like miracle grow for muscles I swear every day I can look into the mirror and I look bigger and bigger its one of those compounds where people just come up and ask hey what are you taking. Oh im not taking anything. Yeah right in 2wk you look like you are a statue.
Honestly it burns fat shreds you down and builds true muscle mass faster than anything ive ever taken. I wish I have taken tren so I could compare it but im 6 days in and at the lowest dose 10mg and I already have all my lines coming back just need to tighten up a little more by wk 6 I will be a beast.
I would compare it to 1-methyl testosterone but the nandrolone derivative that’s basically what it is. Anavar is honestly so much weaker unless you’re taking 150mg of var and can handle the cramps and pumps.
With MHN no cramps no pumps just progesterone I already had to take.
…25mg caber this morning because I could feel those progesterone sides coming on last time I ran it for 4 weeks and I thought it was estrogen the whole time until the test showed progesterone. Caber knocked it down quickly. You sweat like crazy just like they describe with trenbolone and your ability to lift more and more and more and just keep going is amazing. I really like dbol because it gets you big really quick but mhn gets you big and solid really quick dry and gains stay.


I have always liked the info on MHN, and I always get a little bit happier when I hear you talk about it, however I won’t do overseas orders anymore, so @Bigmurph I will follow your cycle/log and live vicariously thru you. It looks great and I will be following/stalking your log


Good luck brother… looking forward to following!


Me too…big risk.


Im not going lie this cutting thing is hard not being able to wake up and eat my 6-12 eggs eating 3 eggs scrambled and a piece of sweet potatoe im still starving. Im going to start pounding water and try to fill up.
I need to start drinking a heavy shake low in fat and carbs but high in protein.

Cutting sucks for big kids​:cry::sob::triumph::cry:


3 eggs? Is that whole eggs? No egg whites? Very small meal for first meal. How many ounces is the sweet potato?


Half sweet potato 3 whole eggs

You think cutting back to much?
I feel like I definitely am because it felt like nothing


Uh, what? Gotta get more in. Non contest recomp…your should be able to allow yourself 20 eggs with a couple yolk and get some Ezekiel bread or get that yolk all over the potato…man I can eat that 5 times a day! Even ketchup.


What worked for me in the past is taking my carb heavy meals earlier in the day, this really kept me looking full and not flat but yet was still shedding fat. Also I remember you mentioned metformin, I feel like this would be a great time to give it a try since your dropping carbs


Agree… that’s worked well for me in past… I’ve went as far as zero carbs (two small PM meals) after 12:00 pm, coupled with evening cardio (45 min low intensity tread climber, 500 calories burned)…has always been my go to “routine” to get to around 10% BF for the summer months. Age, metabolism, genetics are obviously considerable, key factors.


Well what’s half? They come in diff sizes. You need more structure you don’t know what you’re truly getting. I’d measure my food. 3 eggs is nothing. I’d do 2 cup egg whites and a simple carb like grits or cream of rice.


I honestly don’t know how to cut ive only ever bulked I don’t believe in a cutting cycle I just ate 2 more meals and filled up with a quick cardio workout and im going to lift tonight

I need to get some metformin im running eca and hgh and mhn so the fat id already coming off quickly.
I dropped 12 lb in


Ive been doing kodiak cakes or kodiak waffles but this morning I wanted to try something different.
I think im going to stick with kodiak cakes or waffles first meal and second go with eggs and carbs.


You’re making my head spin like in the exorcist lol.


I feel you man, in all honesty I never really did a true cut to get to single digits just for the simple fact I’m not stepping on stage or making money off my physique, at least not yet😁, but come summer months I like to just keep it simple when it comes to cutting. I’ll play around with my macros and cardio till I find a happy medium where I’m shedding body fat and water but still feel healthy and strong. My body will tell me when I’m goimg into a catabolic state, that’s when I know it’s time to adjust.


I’m going to contact you brother I need your services on this and I will pay for titan training for help with a cutter


I’m the same way I just workout to look good