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so i had a friend…he never thought he looked good enough…this was before he started any cycle…i always thought he was swole…pretty impressive…but he always said…oh i want this to be bigger that to be fuller…and i looked and alway figured…that was the limit to his muscular potential…that taking the stuff would just make him a bigger version of what he was and what would be the point…the upper pecks would still look flat…and wont bubble out and crease like he wants…as one deal…

so do you think the parts you sought out to improve and make fuller and rounder…worked out for you?..or did you end up being a bigger version of the smaller you?


Excellent post beloved, i can relate to it…me natural am nothing, but one thing i have always worked for is symmetry…you can work out in a smart way and learn how to maintain equal development of all body parts


I hear this all the time and I truly also do it myself for some reason the way that we are wired we will never be happy with the way we look will never be big enough will never be cut enough will never be good enough. I’m not sure why this is but I believe that 99% of the people on all the forums if surveyed would say that they believe that they don’t look good and they need to look better. I’m not sure why this is because any other person that usually looks at us thinks that we look amazing that we’re in great shape we’re so big or so strong but yet when we look at ourselves we see somebody who small not strong enough and needs to be better. Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the biggest and strongest of them all LOL it’s just that type of situation where it’s just never good enough for us that’s what gives us the drive that other people don’t have that allows us to be as big and a strong as we are. Will always be the same inside good or bad but on the outside we can only get bigger or Cutter and I believe that’s why we try to change that part of ourselves.


yes…so true. my buddy did make some improvements for sure…but overall his main muscles where his concerns were as far as shape was just a bigger version. and yes…another is stronger…my other buddy was able to bench up to 4 plates and he had naturally amazing physique…it was insane the weights he did! he was taing stuff but he would always just go heavy…and he always wanted to do more cycles to get bigger and stronger…but he had no stamina…so he tried working out with me on back when…HE was helping me out to loose weight and lift…and he never wanted to do back with me again…i wore him out and showed him a few things…that didnt fit so good with his image lol!! he was warmed though by my best buddy about me not to under estimate :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sounds like a case of Bigorexia…I have the same unfortunate feelings sometimes as well.


i definitely brought up lacking body parts once i dropped my natty card. had no chest or shoulders from having to stop working out during baseball season for teenage and early 20s. now i bench mid 4s and have to turn sideways through the doorways of my house. legs were always pretty strong and they just got stronger and stronger as i squatted more. it’s all about what you prioritize although i do agree with @Bigmurph that most of us will never be satisfied with how we look. it’s instinct once we touch our first weight. no matter what BE CONSISTENT


I won’t even start…




Mannn, for real… idk where to start with this. When I was obese I wanted to be smaller, then I got small and wanted to be bigger, got more muscular and bigger… now I want to be even bigger. It’s a fucking never ending cycle :joy::joy:. I have a horrible case of this, I always think man that guy is huge then he gets next to me and I’m like twice his size. The mind is one fucked up thing man


Our never ending obsession with wanting to improve is the core reason why we look better than 99% of the population. Its what drives us to get up at 5am to do cardio, to eat 6000 calories a day, to squat 500 for reps, to measure, weigh, and track every calorie we eat, to leave the gym soaking wet and exhausted! If we were ever satisfied we went stop trying hard and end up looking the same year after year. Dedication, determination, will power, drive, and mental fortitude is what builds champions! And thats what we are all striving to be in whatever form it is for each individual. Get after it my brothers and sisters :facepunch:t2:


Well said bro :muscle:


agreed! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Thanks broski