Big push up!


For 5 years and a half i worked very hard in a place that requested the very best of me daily…every day was a test of patience and fitfulness; many night during the week i went to bed at 2, 3 am and get up at 4:30 …i was 155 from the lack of sleep. During the course of this week i had the awesome opportunity to get to know closer a member of UGM, he has helped me so much with new things am doing, etc, What i noticed is that this brother is always working and sleep just a few hours every night to provide for his family.
MOUNTAIN-MAN my respect and admiration goes out to you. God sees your sacrifice.


very awesome @Mountain-man for being so helpful…but also inturn you have helped a few and does that as your life’s mission. one good turn deserves another. you are both on the same wave of goodness and willingness to help…so awesome :grinning::grinning:


MM is a dear friend and my brother love him one of the best people i have ever met in my life! He lives and breathes to serve our community. We all should give him a big shout out as he tries his very hardest to do all he can to help as many out as hecan. God bless you bro thank you for your dedication, hard work, and sacrifice :blue_heart:


I know MM from several other boards. Definitely a man of great respect, honer, and humility…and always willing to lend a hand. My sentiments as well…to MM…Thank you.


Thanks for the kind words my brothers love and respect for you all


I love you for being such a great person in my life! Glad to have you and appreciate all you do


MM is such great person…am honored to have him as a friend