Bid Props to Iron Junkie Labs


…I want to thank IJBs for the extreme patience he had with me. I have never cycled his line and I thought it would be a good time take advantage of the little 4th of July Sale that he was promoting. We had ran into some issues with our private emails services not being compatible, but IJL was there with every step of the way with outstanding communication and service. He answered all PMs very promptly and professionally…and all this over just a small order to ‘test drive’ a few products.

I hope to respond well to his line and I look forward to future business.

Thanks IJLs!


That was great choice to give him a test run, he is very efficient and thorough, easy to deal with. I to took advantage of his Outfuckingstanding sale, and will again before his deadline.


Got ta hear…thanks John.


No prob… I’m willing to bet that I’m his biggest pain in the ass to, with my changes and questions.


I’ve gotten great gains as well… good choice!


All the props he is getting are well deserved! He is one of the best for a reason!! Ive dealt with him many times and hes a true professional all the way around :ok_hand:t2: @01dragonslayer you will def love his gear man very clean :+1:t2:


ToTheTop for IJLs and for others to see.