Biceps and triceps injections


Any thoughts on spot injections in the biceps and triceps? I have a couple good buds who swear by it and they have over 20 inch arms. My arms grew when I spot injected my biceps but I stopped cause I felt it wasn’t necessary and heard from others it is not necessary. Also heard you can really mess up an injection rather easily for both biceps and triceps. Any thoughts?


Arms and shoulders i used to do cause hate glutes and thighs. I would rotate it a bit but never hated or really had much thought to it. Just another place to pin. never do your calves if you walk alot lol. It killed me there. @PHD i think has more experience in spots then I do.


Ya I haven’t done it in a while because last time i did in my bicep it swelled up real bad, got red hot and hurt to move my arm for about 5 days. Then it just went away on its own.


I used to do all my shots in my arms but after a while so much scar tissue built up so i dont do it anymore i just stick to delts and glutes.


Did you ever have any bad experiences with your shots ?


Besides build up of scar tissue? Not really


I did my last bicep injection about 5 months ago. And when I did my left bicep got red hot to the touch, and it hurt like hell for about 5 days. Any thoughts?


Sounds like a steroid flare. Steroid flares are caused when the carrier oil absorbs too fast and the steroid itself becomes crystalized in a concentrated area vs being distributed over a larger surface area. Heat and massage post injection are ways to avoid them.


I agree 110%


Spot injection is just a myth. Think about it if it worked how big would our shoulders and glutes be?? Lol. Like @TrenGod said it’s just another place to pin. Your arm might have flared up due to the amount you injected. It’s a very small muscle most id do is 1/2cc in bicep or tri heads. You can inject in your chest your tear drops your traps (which is hard due to amount of nerves) a trick I like to do is use and insulin syringe for arms and calves. I personally don’t do tear drops or chest my coach does. I just cringe at the idea lol. Oh and lats are also a very good place and can hold a lot of oil. Use a 5/8 needle no longer.


I use my ass injections solely for the spot growth… you don’t? :joy:


Shit… if spot injections work then my quads should be the size of @MBTJR1980 or @PHD 's


Spot injection is just placebo no such thing except with Helios and synthol.
Synthol will stretch the muscle belly and Helios somehow does reduce more fat where you inject how it happens is a mystery to me and I believe everyone else.


Ya I’ve never tried synthol, heard great things from other people I know who have used it.


Ya I love how it really swells up my glutes. Lmao :sweat_smile:


Ya he’s got some massive quads. Would like to catch a leg day session with him see what he does for his legs