Beware of scams


Just want to make sure that everyone is always on the lookout for scammers. I know here we go though a strict verification phase and even then some people slip through the cracks. I was recently scammed and lost a lot of money due to it. Everyone is aware and this person will be dealt with.

Also, watch for people trying to raise prices all of a sudden without making a post or telling you till you order. We will announce this scammer very soon. Stay safe friends and always be on the look out. Unfortunately we live in a world where most people aren’t honest.

@Bigmurph @TrenGod @Fitraver


That sucks bro, but it’s the world we venture into. Hopefully it wasn’t too bad of a hit on you financially. Thanks for keeping us updated.


It was a good bit. We will deff keep you posted and name the person.


thank you for the heads up. really bad about your beung scammed thats pretty unfortunate. i hope this induvidual gets his…people that robs are always bound to screw up and get caught


Thank you PHD and I’m sure in someway karma will be dealt to the scum who did that to you.


shit man i usually lower my prices to help folks out or at least cover shipping. mfers are thirsty. ill even throw in surprise 10mls just bc i like good karma haha


Hmmm I like the sound of that Para


people remember when you take care of them in this business. burn one person and your name is done


So true bro. Yea Alex tried to raise prices by $40 and then he never sent my stuff. Big murph did a write up on it. I’ll be commenting soon. And that’s awesome @paramexer


And who dosent like free gear, like some fire TNE :wink:


@paramexer isn’t kidding. I keep drawing out of these 20ml bottles I think 39 time now! LOL…kidding, I’ve missed a few days but only because it felt pretty strong.


Who do you order 20ml tne bottles from muscle?




Ok thanks


Sorry that happen to you bro we work hard for are money and i know i save for months sometimes before i order and for somebody to just take it is bs i hope they never make another dime in there life


Sorry to hear bro… :frowning:

But what i will say about UGM, they do pre screen, never seen that before… Also no politics, dosent matter if youre a big wig sponsor or not youre not safe or they cant be paid off to turn the cheek. Shit they almost banned me, but did the right thing of seeing it through giving the opp. To make it right versus this particular case where sponsor chose not to make it right.

Anyway… Anyway we can do to help with your loss reachout. Thx boss.


@united thanks brother. Yes @ugm does a very good job scanning but sometimes you get that one bad seed that slips through. Funny part was I helped I’m the verify process with this scum and spoke highly of him and his service. Typical though to gain your trust. I should have went with my gut feeling when he tried to raise prices by $40 each. I should have backed out then.

I really appreciate your comment Bro