Best Time to pin? Am/pm?


Im sure there are many different reasons for different times of the day to pin, but in general what’s a good time to pin? First thing in the morning, in the afternoon, before any workout routine?
Tren a ed
Test e eod


Tren A can be pinned EOD and Test E can be pinned E3.5D to reduce injection frequency. As far as the time of day it really doesn’t matter but I would remain consistent in the timing.

When it comes down to it I make it easy on myself and do what is convenient for my life schedule.


You wont see much ot a difference either way with those compounds about time of day. Oils still need to dispurse. Gh and slin and a few things like halo are time sensitive. Also keep in mind if any soreness from the injection if it will affect your workout.

I used to pin shoulders daily and if i did it before a shoulder workout I was fucked with some things that had some pip to it.


I dont think timing on those 2 compounds will matter as @TrenGod explained. Just find a time of day that works and stick with it bro


Ok cool, I been consistent with afternoons after work. So that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks alot!


I like to pin after a shower but I think being consistent and your G2G.