Best almost pharma grade test for the price



Im running this BM pharmaceutical sustaviron and its almost pharma is what I will call it. Its a ugl but does name legit pharma grade companies as overseeing production. It pins like pharma grade it works like pharma grade. You know what they say if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck. I think everyone needs to take a look at this product its price at just above 2$ an amp can’t be beat for its quality. You guys tell me what you think about it anyone else have any experience with BM pharmaceuticals sustaviron, testoviron, or there decca or primo.
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Thats there primobolan


Good to hear your experience with BM pharma. I’ve never ordered anything other than Dragon Pharma or GP from naps and have had no problems. Good bloodwork as well.

Next time I order from naps, i’ll try and give BM a try.


Im using the dragon pharma aromasin with it and it works just as well as gp


I ve “seen” BM prop,deca, enathate, all good IMO. Deca is 100mg per vial. The hard part is after many years a bber hits a level where you know when you “on”. You definitely know when you’re “off” I get a little softer and lose a few pounds, but I feel like 100s db are heavy to take to the bench etc. " On " I go back to more vascularity and just feel stronger even if I don’t use heavier weights, it’s the look. I know most will know what I’m saying. That’s why with new labs I try to use the shit alone and add something else in , then another. If I shotgun a bunch of stuff, I can’t tell if what I’m using is this or that. I definitely can’t judge by side effects like a lot of people I see. If last year I was 240 @ 7 % and this year I’m 243 @ 7 with veins in my back and have a Fuller, denser look. Then my allotment of money and effort on my hobby is rationalized to me. Thanks, my .02


I wouldn’t say that the bm pharmaceutical is pharmaceutical grade product. I will say that our 40% off Sale on it is a great deal on the quality.
Im really glad that everyone seems to be enjoying this brand.
This is one of our actual pharmaceutical testoviron depot brands.

Testoviron Depot


Damn I’m gonna have to jump on that price thanks B