Beast mode fuel?


So in my quest to try and avoid living off my pre work out drink…the ONLY one that seem to work but actually contains a banned substance…THAT WORKS …i have been there when Jack3d could do no wrong…then they were forced to change formula…then…nothing…like i was drinking coolaid…

i am just dragging soo much i need to feel like i do when i take the black dust! i ordered bulk raw powdered sups to attempt to make a drink that is both beneficial and give me that boost!..the Pure L-Arginine a-Ketoglutarate is on its way…but the others came…i plan on mixing these in a base of carrot and cellery juice or just orange juice…

the pics below of stuff i got…influenced by some of you here …

i plan on putting all 4 in the mix…

do u recommend not?

have something that u use already that works well and is pretty safe on a daily basis?

is there sometbing i should add?

whats your Beast mode fuel?


2 cups of cuban coffee


i like that…whats a brand ?


i have been mixing folgers or maxwell dark roast with cafe bustelo…its an expresso coffe that helps a lil…but i also want that muscle stamina and feel good focus i get with the blackstone dust…old formula with the dmaa in it :rofl::rofl::rofl:




yes corrected. its good stuff! :smiley::smiley:


Ha ha best mode fuel for me it’s tne and injectable dbol and as soon as @Iron_Junkie_Labs says he has mtren then that will be my fuel