Branched chain amino acids. This is my third day working out on empty stomach, except for a serving of caffeine, but the truth is that between i wake up till time i work out there is like 2 hours, which is the time i work in the forums and also get my business going; so i thought : BCAA, as soon as i wake up, i just took it. Anybody else here using BCAA


Its been awhile but i used to keep a large shaker and sip on it thruout the day. Also when running slin and gh i used it more often.


Daily. And why not? 30% of your muscle protein is made up of these essentials and they are sooo cheap.

Everything you ever wanted to know about BCAA’s. Hope you find it helpful-

One take away - You will get the most benefit from taking BCAAs in a fasted state and during training.


What brands do you use @Pastor and you @SemperFi??


@John I use two and get them on Amazon. I am slow but I just figured out how to use the @ tag.


I’ve used bcaa’s for years. I always use them Intra workout!


I have never believed in products like this …a well balance diet should provide you with it, but am spending every days 2 hrs fasting before the work out so thought to give BCAA a shot, right out of walmart, first thing without sodium i found


Why intra workout? I believe that’s what @MBTJR1980 says he does to…


Thanks, I have in the past used the bulksupp one and for no reason never bought any again, but I believe I will add them back in


Thanks pastor.


You are welcome beloved


On a daily basiss. Cardio days I usually take BCAAs during my session. Strength training…right prior and drink some throughout the rest of the day. No training…drink throughout the day


Ok more bcaa questions, how much are you guys taking per day? In my whey protein that I drink 2-3x a day it has bcaas in it, it has 9 essentials and 9 non-essentials, so is that adequate or should I buy more Bcaas themselves??


I take 5g per day regulary and 10g when in a calorie deficit.

I can’t answer your question about your current supplement being adequate because I don’t know the quality or your specific diet.

I am pretty certain I get adequate BCAA’s from my diet alone but I am covering my basis to cover the increased protein synthesis of TRT. When I am in a fasted state I consider them a must. The minimal cost is easily offset by my piece of mind.


I didn’t think so, I believe you are talking an adequate amount of carbs…I don’t think you’re on extreme diet or periods of fasting


Anyways I took 5 grs today but I will do 10 tomorrow


Yes I am in a good amount of carbs, and I’m actually gonna stop them down from about 300 to 200 per day.


Make sure you get on that doesn’t use bird feathers/hair… I like magnum nutraceuticals bcaa product


The supplement is a cheap brand body fortress… my diet is 5 meals, 4000 cals about 300 carbs, and 350 protein. It’s not a super clean diet, but it’s not horrible, chic,beef, fish everyday, fruits veggies, eggs


Seriously? Who the hell uses bird parts?