Bayer Rimobolan


Too bad that your fake Primo doesn’t really contain Primo. It sounds like everyone who has tested found EQ


That sucks I was curious about that.
I wasn’t going to use it but I was curious if they used decca, eq, or a small dose of primo.
I guess we it is lol
Im keeping 1 box just for nostalgia lol


So I wanted to post how perfect they look here are the pictures of the fakes I got.

I would like to hear what everyone thinks


Ye its fake… but i alredy send amp to hplc… we see what is inside… some fake Rimo have inside real primo …


I was talking to burr about this yesterday he said that this number is usually eq. We will see though I’m very interested in seeing the test.
I just wanted to show how good they look I wouldn’t have known unless I was told to look closer at the 21 line.
This will just help others to see what the newer better fakes are looking like.




I think I just got fakes from napsgear. Anyone have experience with them?


Naps is prone to getting counterfeit gear. they go through so much volume. I doubt its even intentional they just buy fake shit and resell it sometimes.

Mostly expensive compounds or name brands.


Thank you. My 21 codes are different so not sure. I’ve emailed naps to see what they say


Post pics of all your codes on your boxes plus amps and we should be able to tell you if there legitimate.
I got some fakes from a different src. Naps says everything comes from turk pharmacy but I do know one case where they were fake but everyone else has been getting legitimate pharma grade rhimobolan from naps.
If naps sent you fakes there a private sponsor and I will reach out to them.


Thank you. I will tomorrow. I am on duty all night



Did those photos post?


They look good to me
Im going to say legitimate


Ok thank you for your help. Just opened 1 very thick and no chem smell so I guess I’ll give it a go. Have another issue with Naps. Is there a way to PM you?




@Bigmurph :joy::joy::joy: