Battle with sleeping, up and down!


Just wondering if anybody could give me some advice on maybe a supplement to help with what seems like a little battle I’ve started with some insomnia. Just gonna place a safe bet and say that the tren is causing it. Im not really having night sweats with it just when I fall asleep it’s like a 100% guarantee that I’m gonna wake up exactly 2 hours later all through the night. Im only up for a few minutes (15 - 20 min. Max) and right back to sleep for another 2 hours… my wife says that I just need to get a medicine from my doctor to help stay asleep, but I’d prefer not to and find an alternative route with maybe a supplement. (Maybe something that’s taken throughout the day, or just something that’s taken relatively close to bed time)


Bro you’ll get enough sleep when your dead




Well melatonin is about all I know to take but if you stay to long on it you can kinda get dependent on it. I use to take it a lot when my son was first born but then when I stopped it took even longer for me to fall asleep.


I thought about melatonin, but does it give anybody nightmares? Just sayin… and I agree @John but because of the sleep pattern I feel like my energy has peaks and valley throughout the day because of it. And if I was to do melatonin what would be an ok dose 3mg or less? @Fitraver @Brockp07


Start low work you way up maybe that’s why the nightmares came. I’ve always done 3mg and it does the job for me may try cutting a 3 in half and see if it will at least get you to sleep faster. Ultimately you will probably continue to see it because of the tren. I plan to do my first cycle soon so I can’t speak for experience but I do know that’s one of the sides.


Sure start with 3mg run a bottle then go off it for 3-4 weeks and cycle it like that. I never got nightmares no but if you are getting into a deeper sleep then you may have dreams you hadn’t normally been getting. If they are bad dreams that would be dependent on the person lol


I usually just brew some Chamomile tea.


I know brother, I’m jus bein a smart ass, I can def relate to your situation, I have slept soundly since leaving the military…


Get the sleep supplement from Hi- Tech Pharmaceuticals “ Somatomax” it works amazing and will def put you down for a good 8 hours sleep. I have terrible problems sleeping and sleep apnea which i have to wear cpap since i was 15 so i know howuch it sucks man. This stuff def works better than any other supplement ive ever used


Thanks man, I’m gonna look into that one cuz the nightmares I get from melatonin are what’s keeping me from just going that route! I know it sounds like I’m whining over nightmares, but that sh*t will wake me up and I want to have a good night sleep! Understandably the insomnia im well aware of as a side from tren but after feeling my energy go threw so many peaks and valleys throughout the day I want to have enough energy to do my daily “dad” life and stay on top of my workout routine


@Fitraver have you heard of this “somatomax”?


I haven’t. Sorry man. Just give it a go and see if it helps. Only way to know.


Just looked into some of the somatomax products and the ingredient list is pretty awesome… still has melatonin in it but only .5mg per serving.


Google it. It $35 for 20 14g servings it works. Im a dad too and need to be on top of my life so that ivan ne the best me for my family. Ive tried everything over the counter and prescription drugs to like ambien. This stuff works without making you feel looped out in the morning


This is why I love UGM… thanks guys, I’m gonna give the somatomax stuff a go around!


Try valerian root with melatonin. Works good


Anytime bro here to help :wink:


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well if that doesnt work for you. here is one that another member had suggested

it works pretty good for me. no nightmares…just…