Banned src alex yang also


Karma WILL get him


I like the positivity brother


Thank you, I also realize that it’s easier for me to verbalize positivity, then it is for you and PHD to feel it, Im sure you guys are pissed!


@Bigmurph Bro this isn’t your fault at all. People can be dishonest. The best thief’s are the ones that seem like your friend. So you can’t take any blame in this. I should have trusted my gut when he first tried to raise prices on me.

I’m just glad it wasn’t any of our members that this happened to.


omg…that is wicked terrible…there is something i call karmasutra…karma is gonna fuck him in all sorts a ways pretty soon…he will get his for sure in many ways…no bad deed goes unpunished under the watch of the universe. thats a promise…i have seen it happen so often to know its true…


is that even his real name or an alias…that is a very popular name and seem to be endless of them


As far as him contacting customs, No heat on your end right? Hopefully that won’t make any future orders to your address more difficult.


No clue. Won’t be ordering anything for now on.


I will always take responsibility for any member getting hit. I haven’t been on top of things because of work I should have been more active I will be now again brother.


Man, I feel bad too. I hope I related the right info. I never received a seizure letter so his first pack was hard to believe. Plus, I never knew about hot packs, I’m sure I’ve received a few. That’s why so much problem with international for me. Yang wanted shipping and I said OK but I rather get a lot more things if I’m sending more. He declined and I declined more shipping. The rest you know but I did wait well over month and had to get creative with address. That hot pack thing is fucked. I wondered how a couple custom letters knew what was in a stealth package, no labels and one place used to pack as something you could never know what’s in there, unless tipped off . I hate this more than anything else in this hobby. Pedal to metal and don’t let up. Don’t do this if you can’t deliver ,I don’t care what game we are playing. I’ve stated I see both sides, that’s why I could care less if there’s a minimum order or some safety on SRC side , just state it. I know there has to be a bunch of punks that email and email starting 24hr after their test prop order of one bottle on special for 15 bucks, then complain because they can’t get it through a 30 gauge like tony hughes said on you tube. I like the way this is handled. Word gets around, what’s worse is he knows that I ordered a good amt because of word of mouth from here and now loses a bigger second plus people I tell. Karma will come, unfortunately there’s always something to learn. Now, contacting postmaster that’s something much more weighted. We never know when we will pay the piper, its when not if, but if somebody accelerates that or trys to introduce me it gotta carry a higher penalty. Thanks for alerting .


Now, I have to quit training again and send everything to Uganda. I’m doing yoga and only eating peas and soymilk. Its all bbing and PEDs fault.


I’m lost quit training, peas ,what?


Im curious which village in Uganda protects your stash for you lol


Hes got the black panther watching over it


Every time something bad happens it has to be blamed on the drugs and bbing.