Bad inner elbow Pain


Can any one suggest a good wrap for elbow pain. I was thinking of trying the slingshot elbow cuff. Right elbow. Killing me lately


If you kindly allow me the observation, have you seen the doctor yet?


This is the exact one I use…


It is a bit expensive but well worth it for me


What’s the pain like? Dante had an inner tube video out for awhile.

Here’s one I found on another site.

This actually works great for me and I keep an inner tube in my gym bag just for this reason.


Yes, mark bells slingshot elbow cuff is great. Sounds to me like you have medial epicondylitis, “tendinitis”. Does it hurt when your hands a supinated? For example barbell curl? I have some remedies that work well, you can PM me if you’d like me to explain.


I’m gonna pm you I need help to


You bet bro, glad to help!


I’ve been suffering from elbow tendonitis for over 3 months now. Nothing seemed to help it. I couldn’t do bi’s for the longest time.

So, I came upon this thread and did what the video instructed. I bought an inner tube and wrapped it with about 75 percent tension. It hurt but not terrible.

I have to say that after one application, my elbow is feeling way better. I’m going to try a few more times until I decide to actually attempt bi’s but i would suggest this technique to anyone with elbow tendonitis.

Also, look up how to apply voodoo floss on YouTube. It’s the same thing. But much cheaper with an inner tube. Hope this helps.


I have mark bells slingshot elbow cuff i use them on super heavy sets for chest and shoulders works the balls man! I highly recommend these!


I agree bro, he puts out great products in my opinion.