Back from a little leave of absence! Was in hospital


Just wanted to touch base with everybody at UGM, most of you probably noticed I had been not posting or responding to anything for a few days. I ended up in the hospital and couldn’t get on UGM to keep up with you guys. So im going to try as much as possible to go threw your threads and posts and see what’s been going on. So if it looks like I’m responding late to your post I am and apologize, so please hang in there with me! But im glad to be back on and see all the activity!


Damn, always hate to hear that one of our friends is in the hospital.
Hope they fixed you up


They did @Burrr but it’s gonna be a few days before I can get back to trying to workout or get some routine going… it’s the weekend so of course my primary care physician doesn’t come back till Monday for me to discuss anything with!:tired_face:


Glad you’re back and well, keep us posted bro.


I will bro! Should be up and running in a few days… fingers crossed🤞


Hoping for a speedy and full recovery @josh. I didn’t know that they could release a patient from the mental ward in less than 72 hours by law. :wink:


Only if it’s voluntary🤣


Take your time. Hope its a one time thing.


Thanks bud. Im hoping so to


Glad your out bro


Glad to be back @TrenGod, missed you guys👊🏻


Hey bud hope you are better and please take your time. We only get one body and one life so take care of yours. Best wishes bro


I will bro… gonna get back slowly… hoping for good news from pcp on monday


Good man keep us posted bud