***** aurum rx, buy 2,get 1 free! , mix and match? yes! *****

You can mix and match the following products (USA dom shipping ONLY).

mix and match #1

Test Cyp 250mg
Test Enan 250mg
Sus 250mg
Test 300 (150mg Enan 150mg)
EQ 250mg
Deca 250mg
NPP 100mg

mix and match #2

Tren Ace 100mg
Tren Enan 200mg
Masteron P 100mg


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Email - [email protected]
Site - http://ukgear.ws

Guess I will have too test the waters now

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In addition, if you do blood test and send us the results you will receive $100 credit for the next Aurum RX order.

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I have been on line but am I too late for this promo that is nice deal to have what is the deadline