Auction 10 vials of 10mL TestCyp 200 starting bid $100


Im not going to lie im trying hard to work with the wife and make things right so that I don’t lose a good girl but if I did lose her there are a few waiting in line


My buddy just left a little while ago and we’re having this talk… he left his wife for a little while for a nice little side piece… his wife has been begging for him to come home for the past few months, he realize he fucked up and he just went home… he realizes that all the trivial shit he fought about was exactly that it was nothing but trivial and the grass was not greener… Women can be a pain in our asses but at the same time if we have a history with them,you can’t take that resume with you and apply it to a new girl, all the hard-earned down times and all of the God blessed good times is something you just can’t redo…that’s why I stayed with my wife during all of our hardships… there ain’t no new girl out there that could replace the option Downs that me and my wife have been through… love them or hate them, if you have a lot of history with one person sometimes it’s not worth it to throw it away…
For all of the nonsense that I put my wife through she still here today and I’m undeserving of her…


This is sadly my third divorce. Everything you said is valid and kudos for sticking it out guys.


Cool. Getting the order taken care of and at this great offer and price, I couldn’t be more happy with it. This will last me for quite some time. Thanks to Vision and PSL for the opportunity and of course the win.


Please make sure that you give them an honest review but if you could also write some type of log.
It would be really good of you to them for there great generosity.
I actually ordered gear and paid full price and im going to keep a log for all the sponsors gear im using. Its going to be alot of sponsors lol
Thanks and congrats brother


So how do you review when you’re using multiple sponsors at one? It seems like one product could be great and mask another’s inferior product.


If using different sponsors you would review all the products at once then link to each sponsor category or write multiple reviews and then link to each sponsors category.

Im going to be using 5 different sponsors plus srcs from other forums that I have in my stash


I was thinking about this a for a little bit as I was trying to sleep last night. Tell me if I was half sleeping and thought of something stupid. Would it be beneficial to create a template of sorts for standardization purposes?


We did create a template and instructions for the process

Check it out


Oh sorry man. Didn’t see that. Was thinking more along a fill in the blank set of boxes, but this is definitely good enough. Thanks for making that and pointing it out.