At home test kits e2 and pg zrt labs


Even though its saliva test I put it in the blood work category in a month or so I will test my pg and e2 with this at home saliva test.
I will keep everyone updated 53$ not bad


Thanks brother I am interested in those, what is PG by the way? I know what e2 is


Progesterone im going to be using the mhn and it spiked my progesterone levels last time around so I want to make sure that I use the right amount of caber to control it. It really caught me off guard last time.


progesterone sides are no fun


I wonder how accurate these actually are.


Ok got it thanks


Thats what im really curious about saliva and 53$ will see they get great reviews


Yeah I had never had anything bad the mhn hit me hard with sides good thing I had plunty of caber


So I read the all the info you posted a while back about the MHN n it said read side effects of tren, for you, is it really like tren when it comes to the sides of it?


Def interested in this.


I’ve never used tren but I feel imo because I was called ignorant somewhere for saying this but I feel that it gives you effects like tren would, sides possibly close but nothing as bad as what ive read.

My progesterone levels went up fast and I originally thought it was estro so I upped my aromasin that didn’t help and I basically crashed my estro. I went to the doc and figured it out. Got everything back to normal with a couple of weeks of caber .25 2x a wk
Every compound effects everyone different. I would reccomend trying it in the future if you like nor19 compounds.


19’s treat me pretty good, tren I have some trouble with but I jus started it again n gonna do smaller amount then previously… npp is very agreeable with me also. I believe I seen the MHN on naps, is it GP? Their like gray colored right?


Where you found those for that price brother.? I have seen them on eBay for 3 times that amount of money


yep! i’ve also seen supps for life on ebay for 3 times more expensive! would really like to find out the source of them as wel! by the way, have you tried them so far? thanks!


Thats the only src I believe that still has it.
It took me almost 3yrs to finnally get it. They kept running out everytime I went to order lol when its in stock definitely pick some up


I use purse and pay with btc Amazon has them for around 80$ and then you can get upto 33% off using purse


First time trying this brand but there getting good reviews. You can get upto 33% off using purse

I will be using it in 4-6wks


This is a similar product as in you do it at home but they are blood tests. You prick your finger and mail it in for results