- new design with lots of enhancements


Hey guys!

Many of you already know that Ashop is a reliable online pharmaceutical store that activates on the market since 2002. We had ups and downs, and now we are back to the Big League.

Check out on our new design, improved customer service and the same great quality of our products. We came up with lots of enhancements (modern design, more secured system, mobile and tablet-pc suitable version added, faster operating system, a easier to navigate version) and news (rewarding points system for all types of reviews, possibility to pay with a wide range of crytocurrencies, possibility to pay not only with $ but with € also).

We would be happy to receive feedback and to find out what you would like to add/change and whether you like our shop more now.

And as we already used you to, we are preparing a great Christmas promo, that will start earlier this year, so keep an eye on our shop.


I see that you have added body pharm ltd to your lineup plus also carrying dragon pharma.
I knew about the Balkan and SP.
I think that people should check out the prices on different products.


Oh yes, we now have a wider range of brands and are working on to bring even more.
Thanks for noticing this! We invite all the interested persons to check out our new added brands!

I heard that Balkan has new tablets. I heard that the square tablets are gone and that there are new round tablets with a coating.
Is this true? Are these new round tablets legitimate Balkan?


Hi. Yes, it is partially true. They have designed new tabs and some of them are already available on our shop (Clenbuterol 40, Oxandrolon) and soon are more to be. The old ones are still in stock, so until the old ones are gone, they are still legit and good to be used. And yes, the new tablets are original, it can be checked on their official website. It will take a while until all of the new tabs will appear on market, so be patient. Hope this answeres your questions.
Have a great day!


This is how they look like.


Thanks I really appreciate the picture it helps because I saw the new tabs the other day and I didn’t know if they were legitimate or not.
Now we know that they have new tablets.
The old ones are good with me lol
Im surprised that they changed the shape I really liked the ability to cut the old tablets with ease.
I have heard though that the new tablets provide better bioavailability so that also sounds good to me.
Thanks again


This photo is for Clen, but other tabs may look a little bit different, have another color (blue for Oxandrolon, green for Provimed, yellow for Turanabol etc). Also changed the design and name for Test E (Enandrol now) and Test P (Propandrol) .