Arimidex Use


Starting a cycle of 500 test e and 600 we a week for 15 weeks. Thinking of starting with .25mg of arimidex eod. Is that enough?


It’s person dependent. I would start with that and adjust accordingly.


Looks like a good start, get blood work after 4 weeks so you don’t have to guess


Like stated its a good start. Definitely something to check during your cycle until you know your body. I had to adjust my anti e to bring my levels where I needed as I was changing my cycle.


It is a good start. Adex has about a 48 hour half life so in about 7-8 days you will have a steady level of AI but it will be several times stronger than a single dose. If you find that is too much increase the dose BUT spread it farther apart. For me personally I use .5mg E3.5D and I avoid the stronger steady level from a more frequent smaller dose. Note- I am not estrogen sensitive.

Does that make sense?