Apple Cider Vinegar- useful?



How many have had any experience with using apple cider vinegar? I have dealt with acid reflux from a pretty young age and outside of taking drugs like Prilosec, ACV has been the only thing to help… especially during a tren run. Feel free to argue against it’s usefulness, very interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on it.


Ive used it to help with reflux. But its hard on your teeth so need to get it back fast and rinse out after.


Because of its many benefits, I’ve been taking 2 tbs of ACV every morning for the last 1 1/2 years. I have not personally experienced any problems from it. I already drink Psyllium powder (for fiber) and 16 oz water every morning, so it was an easy choice for me to add ACV to the mix.


usually helps get rid of pee smells if my dog goes indoors


I use it for Acid Reflex. Its very helpful. I take 2tbsp. With 6oz. of water everyday. I have problems with hiccups too. 2tbsp. Of ACV, 2tbsp. of sugar and 6oz. water gets rid of them right away.



Plus human urine too.


As an MD, the only thing you can do with apple cider vinegar is destroy your teeth enemal. No, it does not burn fat nor it grows hair nor it makes prettier. All myths


I know not to take more than 1 tbsp 3xs a day…made me feel nauseas and couldn’t eat. One and a half tbsp when I get up with some sugary lemonade or strawberry lemonade, 8 ozs …no science here just wakes me up. Been using it for a few years. I know the claims but it jumps start my system and gets the plumbing going. ur1


You can put a table spoon in water to get it down … use raw organic stuff though its better… you can also slice lemons freeze them and put them in your water … they will both work. I d look really hard at your diet and what’s processed I ve good luck weeding things out even the high protein breads can be an issue …


I use with the “mother”. I hear a ton of bbers having digestion problems during, and after competing. Plers too. I always thought it was our eating habits and accepted it. I am just now st a dying to give more credit to different “remedies”.


Just so it’s clear, if you plan on drinking this vinegar it needs to be with “mothers”! Don’t try and cheap out and get some bogus vinegar get the real stuff that works!


If you dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda into 8 ounces of water and drink it, it can neutralize stomach acid and temporarily alleviate heartburn caused by acid reflux.


Yes sir I take that nightly


Yup! Exactly what I’ve done in the past.


we eat high acid diets … it is an issue , although I will tell you since my nutritionist gave me a list of ‘foods’ to choose from I have not had any issues with heartburn in six weeks and I am on a mini cycle too which in the past has always caused issues


Agree. But you know, most of us tend to fix everything with another PPI or H+ blocker if we get those issues. I’ve talked to so many that seem to have given themselves IBS and other bowel digestive issues


Island there are a ton of other benefits as well. Must use organic though it’s nasty with all the floaters in it


lol of course that’s what we do… fix somethng with another something instead addressing the root cause… it is the basis for modern medicine :wink: I d much rather not have digestive issues


Shit I’d love to completely rid myself of this issue, I have seen multiple nutritionists and so far no luck. But I’ve been some personal research with a few of the doctors I’m around often and hopefully there will be some resolve soon.