Ape shit labs primobolan acetate ROIDTEST


I recieved 2 vials from ape shit labs of their primobolan acetate injectable. I was unhappy that it was crashed but @SemperFi I saw got a bunch and is liking the product. I decided to come down off my high horse and stop being so spoiled and heat the product so I can give the product a try and review it. I of course always test my gear so it will be going through a ROISTEST I just want to make sure that I know what im injecting.

This is the vial im uncrashing right now and those are the A+B test amps that will show if methenolone acetate is present.
I will update in around an hour with more pictures showing that the test is complete also I will be injecting 100mg if it passes the roidtest so will let you know about the pin.


After an hour of trying to get it to come back together. Still flakes of crystal floating around.
Can you possibly help me out I would normally just throw away crashed gear but @bigmurph really wants me to atleast ROISTEST it. I was supposed to help verify and I know its not that bad that it crashed it happens especially with certain products this being one of them.
I wanted to check it for a positive result and then try it out but after an hour its still crashed better than it was but not completely together.
Im using the water heat and shake method.
Any tips that might help?

Just some flakes maybe just more time?

Maybe @Flexgod can you help


Hey bro. I never had fear crashed that bad but I reheated hear a few times by boiling water in micro then filling a bowl High enough for the vial to sit in without floating and falling over. So basically uk to bottom of stopper. Let us sit in that for about 4-5 minutes and repeat as necessary.

Is that what you tried?


Yeah I actually use the stove and get the water just before boiling and then pour into coffee mug. I use a 22g to vent the vial and wait then shake then repeat.
I have done it before but only once with tne that I had along time ago and this is how I was showed.
This has gotten better than it was but is still no clear.


May just be too fucked lol


I get the name Burr because it was something I say all the time when I head out the door for work. I live where it’s fucking cold. Heck I woke up to frost this morning. I deal with crashed gear all the time. I set the oven to 200 degrees and just set my vials in there on a paper plate. 15 to 20 minutes is usually all it takes. I’ve never had to use a needle to vent.
A nice slow cool down in the oven after turning it off also seems to help.


Im going to try that much appreciate

I have seen others use cup cake pans with water but your saying dry just a pan and 200 degrees
No vent im heating the oven now


Thats how i do it all the time. Put it in oven and bake it. Take it out shake it then continue to bake until its clear brotha


@Primo I need to correct your assertion… I never said I was happy with the product. I said I received the product in the condition as stated. Just making that point clear to all the members. The review I posted was solely based on my impression of the vials, price, delivery, packaging, and communication. I also posted I was not going to use it until it tested positive.

Looking forward to your test results.

BTW… if you don’t like PIP you are not going to like this specific product from this specific source. It’s not deabilitating but it is there.


Ha ha “shake n bake” brother


Bake…of course any plastic and some labels go by by. No needle aspiration but I would like the stopper once or twice.


I see amazing people here participating, i see a lot of knowledge and experience…This is crashed gear is not that enough to just leave it alone and move on to higher standards ( the minimum accepted)…some of you here have been kind enough to give me the healthiest advises ever, some of you here have wrote to me requesting blood work for everything…but here we are shooting crashed gear…If it dont even look good…why use it?


@Pastor He wants to roidtest it. I do believe he said he would not pin it. But doing a test helps the community. Pinning crashes gear that has been reheated into suspension is just one of those personal things. Some are okay some aren’t.


yes sir


No one advised to pin crashed gear. You might be throwing away a lot… I mean a lot… of usable stuff if you are not comfortable resuspending crashed gear. Especially if you or the source lives in a high altitude cold climate. TNE is famous for it. But it is a personal choice to throw it or boil it. :call_me_hand:t3:

Like was stated @primo is trying to provide a roid test for the members. As most of us know Primo is one of the most counterfeited steroids in existence.


crashed gear is not really “bad gear”
sometimes it just happens from exposure to cold temps.
Just like making sweet tea, you got to heat it up to get the sugar to dissolve.

some compounds are way more prone to crashing, like primo and TNE.
My house is cold enough that TNE is almost guaranteed to crash.

The solution for the guys brewing to prevent crashed gear is more solvents, like quac, EO and the normal alchols BA and BB.
We want to have the least solvent needed to prevent the crashing.


I see
Thanks for the heads up I was just cruising through and when I saw all the other positives and I believe I read the pip wasn’t bad I assumed and made an ass out of myself not getting all the correct information.
It tested weird it did show 2 brown reactions which is a positive result for primo ace in oil. I believe that the way it looked was because even after the oven I was unable to bring it back completely. I tried both vials for a long time and just couldn’t get them to become only oil both still had flakes floating.

The brown reactions were not dark brown like I would normally expect. They did imo though turn brown enough for me to say it has primo ace in it just not sure of strength because it really doesn’t measure strength. As you can see I go by primo because its really all I want to use after all the years of using AAS.
I have been using mostly methenolone enanthate from geneza, dragon and pcom I really like the 200mg/ml all 3 always turn dark in color when tested.
This turned brown but I will post pics so everyone can judge what they think.

What do you guys think about the color these pics are about 5-8 min after I dropped in the sample


I never would but one day I tried it and it was good for me. Junkies had the 1 cyp which I could hardly find not to mention in longer acting . “baked” it just once so far and almost through 1st bottle. I had some other TNE that I had to do everyday and decided fuck it. I agree its personal. It would be nice to know if its primo. If it is then hopefully it’s dosed correct. @pastor I thought you were going to mention SBL “wink wink” I guess we can say now, your sponsors stuff seems top notch. Quite be beautiful actually. I might run a test on the primo. I will have a grip of it soon. I’m impressed with all our srcs here. I have to hit united yet…I do like a battle royal soon. I’m gonna switch each compound each time. Ijl var for a couple weeks then SBL var for a couple, etc. At least it might be fun.


Thanks for doing this man. I know nothing about roidtests. So the fact it’s arill a brown means there is some in there? Do you have a pic of a diff brand and it’s color to compare?


No sir I don’t use crashed gear
I had an obligation to verify the gear that was sent to me and you know murph has been on my ass about getting this done.
I had originally planned to toss it. I gave my word I would test it but I won’t inject any gear even from the big names without testing because counterfeit products are everywhere including counterfeit raws so I just like to know what im using is what is being presented to me.