Ape Shit Labs - First Order Impressions



I recently pulled the trigger on ASL because they were offering some potentially crashed Primo Ace Injectable at blowout price.

Here is my very first impressions from ordering to first injection. This is not a review of the product effectiveness but I wanted to provide the community with my first impressions. Like another member I am using a 1-10 scale. 10 being something only a heavenly deity can obtain. :wink:

Price - 9
Order process - 9
Communication- 8
Delivery time- 7
Packaging - 5
After receipt followup - 8
Product presentation - 7

As clearly stated the product was slightly crashed and I did not markdown product presentation for this. It most definitely contains compound but I can not verify if it is primo or not at this stage. The concentration is 100mg/mL. Primo has a heavy molecular structure and is known carry a bit of pip even in longer esters. PrimoA injectable, which I have never tried, can take the pip factor to a higher level.

I went for it before bed last night because I wanted to remain immobile to see how bad the pip could be. Once resuspended the product is crystal clear and draws easily. I injected my left delt with 1mL. Upon waking the inject site is slightly tender like a bruise but nothing more to report.

Before incorporating this product I am going to order a test kit and see if it tests positive for Methenolone. I will keep everyone updated when the time comes.

I hope that someone finds this helpful.



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An update about the PrimoA that I purchased from Ape Shit Pharma @Flexgod. I tossed all 5000mg minus two pinnings because it was a pain in the ass to deal with in its crashed state. As I stated in my initial review this is not a reflection on this sponsor because they were very open, honest and forthright about the crashed condition. Sometimes we take a loss without being a negative reflection on the source.

I did not order a roidtest kit to test it because it wasn’t high on my priority list unless I was going to actually use the product. I apologize I could not report my findings concerning a test kit result.