Anyone used BPC-157 or TB500?


So recently I came off a low dose cycle. I was running 500 mg sustanon with 400mg decca per week. Last six weeks ran 50mg of drol. And caber was my on cycle. 3 weeks off now and am using Sarms to cruise to my next cycle. Currently running mk-677 and Ostarine. Gained about 25 lbs on cycle and have only lost 5 since coming off.

Wanted to know if anyone has used BPC-157 and TB-500 for joint and muscle injuries? I am considering adding those in due to a back injury. But am struggling to find information on proper dosage, as well as injection sites.


I have used TB500 with success on a torn pec


How did you work the injection? Is it safe to inject at site of injury?


I injected into the site but I believe you can inject sub q , or anywhere and it will be affective. I know with BPC-157 you need to inject in the site but not with TB-500


I edited your title to make it more relevant and hopefully help you get more responses.


Alright. Thank you. Guess I’ll be updating in a few weeks on how it goes for me.


i would definitely site inject tb500, it takes a good amount to help heal injuries but i have used it with good results. if you ever visit china, they swear by it’s healing powers


I used BPC-157 for 4 weeks. Injected 200mcg 2x a day ED about 2 inches from affected site. I had torn my medial collateral ligament and also an intra-articular hematoma while practicing some gymnastics. The doctor placed my prognostics for 8 weeks down time and then 4 weeks PT. In 3 weeks i was already off the crutches walking slowly and it only took another 3 weeks of PT to get me back in the gym. It was by far the most amazing response to medication i have ever experienced!


As well as this one @GlycogenGuy


I have used both in combination in two separate occasions due to injury. A strained elbow and a rotator cuff impingement. TB sub-q 2x per week and BPC spot injections near the injury site. I did feel some pain relief shortly after the spot injections and I can only assume it is the anti-inflammatory properties of the BPC. The actual long term benefit and speed of recovery was inconclusive in both instances that I used them.

I.hope you find this information useful.


I have heard many mixed results but I think it’s possibly due to the quality of the peptides. What do you think?


Anything and everything is possible. Research peptides are a experiment without enough historical data. The sourcing is always a concern but if it was easy everyone would be doing it and big pharma would own the market for profit.