Anyone into any video games?


Never had been since i was a kid. But lately started PubG and love it. Play desktop and mobile and helps me relax some.


I haven’t played much since college but I watch twitch a lot to kill time at work.


PubG is great man, definitely fun. Used to play often but now I need to build a new rig.


Lol ever been on twitch when it was ?


Haha think hat was before I got into it cuz idk what that is.


I haven’t played video games since the original Pong and Asteroids. I watched the kids and now the grandkids play and the realism is pretty cool.


Have you tried the mobile? Probably best mobile game ive seen.


Youngins lol


Really is bro. I thought i was too old and just wouldnt get it. But love it now. Nice to play with a team and be able to work together.


Not yet man, been skeptical about it. I’ll have to give it a go


Haha man, it was way more fun than twitch. Twitch is all about money.


Twitch is completely free if you want it to be.


Not what I meant bro, I meant the streamers.


Oh haha I enjoy all the ones I watch. Those don’t seem to be about money. But they aren’t massive. Except dr disrespect he’s a douche and about money, but still entertaining lol


Mann, just played my first match of pubg mobile and murked 15 people with everyone on my team dead