Anyone Interested in article writing? [Paid]


Hey guys anyone on here interested in writing content articles on various things in the industry message me.

Articles must be original content and

  • Based on certain keywords, steroids, dieting, training, etc.

  • Between 350-400 words

  • In article format where its readable

  • Find a picture from google images and post with the article

  • Must be cited/linked to one outside source., wikipedia, top level sites only

I can workout payment $5 per article in bitcoin. The topic headings will be provided and articles can be chosen from there. Any questions just ask!

Only a few guys needed and you dont have to let everyone know on here if your doing it. Can be anonymous.



Very cool idea for site promotion and visibility. I can definitely see the benefits from a search perspective. Unfortunately I would much rather have gear. :wink: Maybe reach out to a source and see if they will offer special discount codes for article authors or free product with a minimal purchase. Articles approved by you of course deserving of the special consideration. Members win… site wins… author wins… source wins.


Any @Source willing to help out in this way let myself or @Bigmurph know!