Anyone here used fat gripz?


I’ve heard lots of good things about these but never tried them. Thinking about grabbing a pair. Figured I’d ask for some feedback.


I’ve used them when different gyms had them. Not sure I’d buy some to be honest.


I dont use fat grips but I have used similar in the past. It does help to build up hand strength and forearm strength and size but they are odd to get used to at first. My favorite workouts using them are curls.


Weren’t a fan?


Thanks for the feedback. I wish my gym had some to try.


They were ok not something I’d use daily or even every arm day. That’s just me though. You may like them.


Thanks bro


I use them as well as the grip balls for grip strength and forearm development.

I am not sure if you will find them beneficial if you are looking at them from a purely bodybuilding benefit.


Do you think when using them is takes away from the muscle being trained by putting more emphasis on the forearms? Maybe a better question would be how often do you utilize them and how much during those lifts?


Sure they take away from the primary muscle by exercise because they are designed specifically to shift more emphasis to the forearm.

Really can’t answer your other question because I have never tracked ‘how often’ I have used them.

If you are looking to increase grip strength and forearm development they can be beneficial.


Best thing I’ve found for forearms is to only use your straps when you absolutely have to. Also switching hands can help :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I agree with PHD bro. I wouldn’t buy them or even use them as part of a program. If I want to work my forearms I isolate them. I also agree that if you want to build hand strength and forearm strength and size to forego straps on deads of any kind until you can’t physically hold the weight anymore.