Anyone heard from MPG


…I’ve sent him a few emails about a past transaction and not heard anything from him. Also I purchased 5 tickets to his auction and my posts in that thread have received no replies. Just checking to see if anyone knows…


He just replied to a question I emailed him a few days ago today. I would assume he was doing family stuff for Christmas.


Thanks for the update. I last emailed him over a week ago with no reply since.


He was sick and had family things going on. I’ll mention to him you were emailing him. Make sure using correct email. @MPG


Thanks for the reply. That pretty much explains it then. He has been great at keeping me up to date on my transactions and then it just came to a stop. I hope all is well. I have been using his protomail account.


Yes I talked to him. He’s been busy with family stuff and holidays. Everything is being taken care of. And going out tomorrow. Guys realize the holidays are for everyone. Have some patience. Most places shut down during holidays.


@PHD please check your pm when you get a chance.


Yea they hardly reply any of my emails… Hope he’s alright