Anyone has experience with Alpha Pharma or Sigma Pharma?


@MuscleGod Kick them down. I would love to see them and there are easy ways to find out if they have been altered for someone who knows what they are doing (that’s not me)… remember this is the digital age. :wink:



See… I am only half as dumb as I look!


Even if you don’t want to post them publicly send them to me and I will run them through photo forensics to let everybody know that those are legitimate numbers from an actual test and we can post that up and let the whole internet know that the testosterone was severely underdosed.


Nah… that’s no fun. Post them publicly @musclegod. Let’s see what type of ‘skills’ you have. :rofl:

I highly doubt he would alter the pic @Bigmurph and besides if he sent it to you and you discovered it was altered what did he gain???


This is not necessary lol. I only said the photoshop thing as a joke because he was acting like seeing bloods from a random person on the internet was different than anabolic labs third party testing something. I was just stating that you never truly know and have to use the circumstances and trust to judge what’s best.


Lol I never said blood test online is different than anabolic labs? I said I don’t trust either one. @Bigmurph why would I go thru the trouble to Photoshop blood work for a src that’s already banned :joy: what am I getting out of this? lol


Nothing I just wanted to see the blood work im still curious to see where it actually came back at


2200 he already said.


Yeah but I wanted to see the paperwork.
Seeing is believing. I believe that the testosterone was shit and bad but I wanted to see actual paperwork that I can post up in a post online so if anyone searches IJL they can see.


You really think he’ll come back with the same name of IJL? lol


Yeah apparently he already has. On another board and the mods are aware of what happened here but don’t care about it. He’s there talking shit about us and how his gear was always perfect.


Really? Would you pm the link?


I will work on getting it for you


I am a reseller alpha and sigma … have many good hplc … now for testing I used Polish laboratory is expensive but it’s real laboratory with all license