Anyone has experience with Alpha Pharma or Sigma Pharma?


Anyone who had experience with either Alpha Pharma or Sigma Pharma please share your experience & if you’ve ever ran bloods on either of them that’d be great as well


I have only used Alpha Pharma ancillaries and I can say that they were spot on and dosed properly. That’s all I got for you though.


Hey bro! You can see multiple Alpha Pharma products that were randomly third party hplc tested here by Anabolic board:

Every test came back spot on for what the label states. This includes anavar and parabolin, which with primo, are probably top 3 faked steroids around. You are in excellent hands with Alpha Pharma. They are a little bit pricier but that’s the price of quality. They are as close to Pharma grade as you will get with a UGL.

@PharmaComStore carries a wide variety of their products.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Sigma I am less familiar with.


Ive never used alpha pharma but I believe that they are one of the only labs to come around that has never had a problem with anything.
I have seen every big lab have some type of issue whether it is mislabeled gear or underdosed overdosed something. Alpha pharma ive never seen have anything like this happen since they began about 5-6yrs now.

Ive seen sigma at the very beginning release amps that looked like they turned into meth with yellow crystals but that was years ago also haven’t seen anything recently.

Alpha pharma is a much more used brand also so for them to never have a quality problem or atleast one that never went public is almost unheard of.


I know about that Anabolic board & don’t trust it. Has anyone else used either of this labs or know someone that did? Thanks for the info


@MuscleGod are you saying you don’t trust the independent third party testing that anabolic lab’s does through Simec?


Same question as @SemperFi would love to hear why you don’t trust it.

Unless you are confused saying you don’t trust Anabolic board (the forum) which is totally different from Anabolic Lab. Idk if you typed the wrong name or what you meant.


Those aren’t tested by some college kid or lab assistant bro. Simec has been the “go to” and near “end all, be all” for everything spec tested so I’d be interested to know as well.


I’ve tried to contact simec to bribe them and also anabolic lab admins. Didn’t work lol. I’ve had sources try to do the same and they won’t budge. Those guys are legit the best and legal business as well.


Alpha pharma parabolin for example has 76.5mg on the label & reported 76.5mg exactly? Not even 76.4 also everything else is reported exactly as the label? BS to me


Not sure where you are looking…

Label claim: 76.5mg
Actual: 78.4mg

Even if it did come back spot on that doesn’t mean it’s BS. Lots come back within a few points.


Apparently I read it wrong lol just woke up, I still don’t trust it 100% you’re welcome to have 100% trust with the reports but that’s just not me, its over the internet, I never met any of the individuals responsible for the lab & that means I can’t fully trust them


If that’s your way of thinking I get that, but blood tests could be photoshopped and altered by a random person as well. It always takes some level of trust. To me it doesn’t get any better than these tests done by anabolic lab. They’re the highest standard of testing and done at random without the labs knowledge. And as @TrenGod said don’t take any kind of bribes from labs either.


True that blood work could be photoshopped, that’s why I don’t trust that either & always run blood work myself. Speaking of that my blood results for IJL came out, but should I post them or could they be photo shopped :laughing:


Well this them is doesn’t matter LOL but if it’s on the 1800mg I def wanna know what they were.


Yea but I had some users who have several of his Test viaals & are pinning so they wanted to know if its at least dosed right. & I personally wanted to know if I’ve been shut the last 5 weeks because that would determine if I’ll cut my cyccle short or if haven’t been shut would restart the 12 weeks again


So it was fine? What was the number?


Past 2 weeks dropped to 1,000/wk, the 1,800 was only meant as a front load for 2 weeks lol but ended up like 4… The results came at 2,200’s 4 days after pin… So its underdosed big time


Damn. Yeah by a lot.


Holy shit man!! That’s less than half of what it should have been! That dude can eat a whole bag of dicks. What a schmuck