Anyone Ever Used Dapoxetine?


Anyone with knowledge of Dapoxetine? If so does it show up in drug screens?


Didn’t you just answer your own question?


I have to go fix the wording on that. I’m not sure if its all anti-depressants that lead to false positives or just certain ones.


I just used depoxetine last night im not sure about it causing false positives but depending on the drug test you’re taking they only test for certain narcotics. Depoxetine is not a narcotic.


Thanks for the info @Bigmurph.


Never heard of it bro


Makes you take longer to blow loads bro haha


Yes that’s exactly what it’s for @Fitraver lol


Lol thats awesome :clap:t2:


It definitely works also if you’re using depoxetine you better have your cardio on point because your going to be hitting it for around an hour add a Viagra and it can turn into a 1hr situation over and over non stop.


I’m definitely going to give it a shot. Hopefully i get my money’s worth…lol


All I’m saying is this got me through a long crazy night in Orlando…